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  1. Had the Ken Smith Slicks on my L2000 for a few months now and they just aren't doing it for me....Do I go full flats or go back to my comfort zone of rounds?

    1. Pow_22


      I used the Slicks and loved them for that Stone Roses kinda vibe (1st album)  Im now on Elites Grounds and they are really doing it for me.  The growl of rounds without the tinny twangy top end but more going on than full on flats

    2. BassApprentice


      Might try them next but I've been reading good things about GHS Balanced Nickels today....

    3. Pow_22


      Ive not used rounds in years but the more I read about Boomers the more I think I might give them a go on a back up bass one day.  Good luck in your quest

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