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  1. Coming to the realisation that for every hobby I have, about 75% of my actual enjoyment comes from learning about the equipment and getting my nerd on

    1. lownote12


      As little as that?  In my case it's around 99%.  I don't actually like playing music - just love basses :).

    2. BruceBass3901


      It is probably a low estimate, but I certainly enjoy using it all! If for no other reason than to stop friends and family branding me as ''all the gear, no idea'!' I just love learning about new equipment, whether than be bass amps, climbing shoes or archery equipment!

    3. lowregisterhead


      Not as unusual as you might think! For me, the whole palaver of band politics, rehearsals, staying up late and those pesky gigs (which I admit I'm actually starting to miss a tiny bit now) became a major irritation many years ago. But I can talk about basses and gear all day long.

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