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  1. wow! fantastic basses you have. revolver is also nice =) pleased to meet you!
  2. hallo, pleased to meet you!
  3. hi there, pleased to meet you!
  4. a good harmony chain and right vocal. nice work. but i don't like voice delay.
  5. i like your prog! have listened 'echo' - nice chord chain and well produced piece. congratulations =)
  6. hi, new music video from my one-man-band is ready. what are your impressions about this? thanks a lot! Serg.
  7. I'm a big fan of prog music especially early period. I was not familiar with these guys and it's hard for me to perceive this harmony, but the magic sound of this great time made me delve into their creativity. the great Bach taught that the alternation of consonances and dissonances gives music a special power.
  8. thank you for a detailed response. I especially appreciate that the man who listens to Bach wrote this post. I just started looking for a way to write classical harmony on a rock set. for this I am collecting any criticism. I recently released a track. it's in the Baroque style. I wanted it to be like a harpsichord. but it turned out a pretty dirty guitar. although I received and applause along with critical comments on the guitar. all as you wrote, to whom it rolls, to whom it does not.
  9. childedNew Member Joined: Sep 6, 2017 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 2 Trophy Points: 3 Location: Ukraine
  10. some news here and videochannel is open [url="http://spivaki.com/"]http://spivaki.com/[/url]
  11. [quote name='99ster' post='727701' date='Jan 28 2010, 05:31 PM']Congratulations - that place looks amazing... [/quote] many thanks! it's true
  12. we have finished our "dream studio" development in the forest lane pls look our photo report "from base till doors" [url="http://www.spivaki.com/"]http://www.spivaki.com/[/url] very cheap and easy transfer from UK small prices for soundrecording and accomodation (only euro3000 for two week for 6 persons)
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