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  1. haha i also mailed Bernie, and he did respond. He asked to see a photo of the electrics, but so far the bass does look genuine. I just not sure if its worth 800 in its present condition.
  2. Bass appears to come from a house clearance so no details on it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rare-B-J-Goodfellow-Bass-Guitar/312212501620?hash=item48b150b474:g:Nk4AAOSwypVbZFqD
  3. Where is the UK offers a service to have a bass body re sprayed to silver sparkle
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Really want to get hold of one of the new Yamaha BB734A basses, but unsure about the neck profile. I once had a BB424X, but found the neck profile/radius a bit too rounded. Does anyone know if the necks on the new BB range are slightly different? flatter?
  6. Possible trade with cash on top? I have an esp listed on this forum if that's of any interest? Just throwing the option out there. thanks
  7. Price reduced to 425. Insane price for a bass in such pristine condition.
  8. Great bass in mint condition. Postage £20. Bass has seen very little use. Included with sale is an unopened set of Dunlop Trujillo strings.
  9. Taking the pickups (EMG) from my Esp Frank bello bass, so needs to be PJ Jazz body. As it's just a body swap, I want to use the parts I already have to reduce cost. Thanks for reply.
  10. Almost perfect, but need the pickup holes in PJ configuration.
  11. Looking for a Jazz Bass body in Matt Black with PJ configuration. Any idea where I would find one apart from Warmoth? At a push would settle for a standard black finish. Looking to do a build on my Esp frank bello P bass.
  12. Thanks. Sadly 19mm spacing is too wide. Real shame as i love the bass
  13. String spacing? Does the neck have quite a flat radius? B
  14. It is a very unique sounding and looking bass. Very easy and fun to play. Selling for a great price.
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