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  1. 9 hours ago, Captain Rumble said:

    I have just recently put a set on a P bass and was quite surprised at how careful I have to be not to play to hard I like the strings but they are not forgiving of my clumsiness and I had to set the action just a tad higher than I would normally and tweek bridge heights to accommodate. Probably not your problem at all but just thought I would voice my experience with them.  


    9 hours ago, chris_b said:

    Did you twist the string when putting it on?

    Do you hear the rattle through the amp? If you can I'd send the strings back. If you can't I'd keep it.

    Thanks for these comments guys.  I have used these strings on the bass for four years, so my action and playing style is perfectly adjusted to them.

    The bass is a through body, so I never twist the string around the tuning post when tuning up; just bend it into the tuner and then wind without any wrapping around the tuner by hand.

    You can hear it through the amp.  It doesn't sound quite the same as it does acoustically, but it certainly doesn't sound right.

  2. Just popped a fresh set of La Bella white nylons on my fretless and the low B has something very funky going on.  I’ve taken it off and restrung it three times and the weird rattling noise is still there.

    I popped the B from the old set back on and that’s fine.

    Bass Direct (who i bought the strings from) kindly sent my video to La Bella, and they said my action is too low which of course is rubbish as the old B plays fine.  Pretty poor response from La Bella if I’m honest...


  3. I had a beautiful, all original (photo shows an East EQ, but I put the originl back in soon after) 1970 fretless Precision for a while.  Why on earth I sold it I'll never know :facepalm:





    I liked it so much I had Sandberg make me a fretted "hardcore aged" VT5 to go with it.  Sold that too....







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  4. One set of very lightly used La Bella White Nylons.

    Standard gauge: 60/70/94/115/134 (sounds very heavy, but they are actually low tension)

    Extra Long: 38" from ball to silk

    Silks are hardly worn, and the strings have less than an hour playing time.

    A new set is £52 plus postage from Bass Direct, so this is a good price on nearly new strings.

  5. Sold a set of strings to Julian in one of the most relaxed transactions ever.  Absolutely first class throughout the process, and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.


  6. Quick checks:

    • Take the offending string off and reinstall it.
    • Try a piece of paper under the nut (although I have played plenty of fretless basses that have the nut flush to the fingerboard and are fine)
    • Raise the saddle height to see if you can get it to play clean.  It may only need a very small lift to clean it up.
    • Check the fingerboard is smooth under the string (i.e. no string marks, nicks, slight bumps etc.)
    • How straight is the neck?  I find a very small amount of relief (say .25mm at the 9th fret when you press down at the first and last "fret") is enough to let the strings breathe.

    Good luck!

  7. I had an 800 and currently own a 250.  Original series with the Millerizer rather than the para EQ on the second channel.

    I think it's a fantastic head.  As fretmesiter says, the EQ points are much more usable than the Little Mark and I think it's a great amp for live use.  I regretted selling mine so bought a 250 that was going cheap as a backup to my main amps.  I was really pleased to get one again. 

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