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  1. 6 minutes ago, lownote12 said:

    I hadn't realised how much I relied on the filter controls.  So far I can't get the MB special tone I want from this little guy withe EQ alone.  If anyone has any thoughts on what EQ settings I need do tell. 

    How did you set the filters?  The VPF is basically a mid scoop with boosted bass and treble, whereas the VLE is a treble cut. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, dannybuoy said:

    If looking at the Billy Sheehan one, avoid the original version and go straight for the Deluxe. The dirt channel is out of phase with the clean so it sounds weird and drops low end when blended unless you put another phase inverting pedal in the fx loop. The Deluxe version fixes this with a phase switch.

    Agee.  I have the Deluxe version and it's a great pedal.  Loads of different tone available.



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