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  1. i feel really lucky i got mine last summer, i had to go to a shop i dont like and they were "the last ones in our warehouse" (emg Geezers) according to the guy
  2. not specifically bass but check out the "five watt" channel it has awesome short history vids on lots of vintage gear companies
  3. grew up in london NW4 moved to canada to escape thatcher started playing in high school on my friends dads EB3 he traded it in for a p-bass and i still hate him for it but i digress bought my first bass in a pawn shop, hollowbody country western special, no idea what kind it was that only lasted a few months before some drunk idiot fell over on it crushing the body and snapping off the neck.. i had it hanging on my wall for a while as decor.. wish i still had it sold my bike one day and blew the cash on a japanese p-bass (which i still have) and started a band which was heavily influenced by Spinal Tap .. 4x12 Peavey head & cab was next i was making monthly payments on the Peavey cab so i was in the music shop every week at least.. thats when the best deal of my short life fell in my lap .. Rickenbacker, 3 years old at the time, shop owner didnt want it for some reason but dude was trying to trade it in on some other gear.. i said i would take it if i could make payments and the deal was made.. its now my most valuable musical posession ripped out the frets in my p-bass after reading Bass Player Mag issue on Jaco .. best decision ever .. cant be out of tune if you can play anywhere on the string! since then ive gone acoustic, upright, warwick, couple warlocks, a custom handmade, home made bass 6, orange mk3 and more pedals than i care to admit happy to talk about my mods and looking for some advice on upgrades pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.. 🎸
  4. heres the bass nylon flats, 90's sticker vibe, see the little cutoff button? been looking at a beefier bridge, those old leo fender barebones ones are okay but the new engineered ones really project sound
  5. i too bought one in about '86 but i still have it.. a.m.a japanese "lawsuit" bass is a perfect P-Bass reproduction and in 40 years i have yet to play a fender this nice.. replaced the pups in about 1990 and just again this year (emg Geezer Butlers) ripped out the frets in 91 best decision ever.. epoxied the neck but that didnt last long so had it redone by a pro in about 95
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