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  1. [quote name='wayneyboy' post='653681' date='Nov 13 2009, 03:15 PM']ok great[/quote] got a combo now- £425 for the travellor-
  2. [quote name='absentmindeduk' post='653591' date='Nov 13 2009, 01:42 PM']I dropped a post on his ad.[/quote] ok great
  3. [quote name='absentmindeduk' post='653579' date='Nov 13 2009, 01:25 PM']OK, well if rasta was interested in [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=65310"]http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=65310[/url] I could meet you for a swap?[/quote] ok will let him no- thanks
  4. [quote name='absentmindeduk' post='653562' date='Nov 13 2009, 01:09 PM']Would you consider cash? -If so, how much?[/quote] i would consider but would really want to get something lined up first to be honest as not desperate to get rid of but fancied a change in direction- would hope to get around the £450 mark as over £550 new
  5. Hi, I have a markbass travellor cab- only had it a short while- ive now decided that i would like to go down the combo route even though just got this- this is an awesome cab. Nearly £600 new and this is new so getting yourself a bargain here. Can get pictures but is the same as on website and is like new with tags on still and even under warranty. £425.00 + p+p Thanks
  6. [quote name='Rasta' post='651415' date='Nov 11 2009, 10:52 AM']Offer up those heavy Edens guys for a Lightweight supercombo! - Save that back!!! P Thanks for the commnets guys.[/quote] an idea folks- i have a two month old markbass 2x10 travellor cab- 8ohm 400w- not been outside my house yet but rather fancy a combo and this would go with my other 1x15 cab- so if anyone has something they want to trade with me for this that rasta is after then maybe we could have a three way trade?.... just a thought....
  7. [quote name='pantherairsoft' post='642491' date='Nov 1 2009, 01:37 PM']Agreed... For that kind of money you really can't go wrong. I saw an SA450 go for £370 last month on eBay... I almost bought it as a spare! If you have the money, now is the time to buy![/quote] i have just got a travellor 1x15- tried it with my ebs td650- awesome! didnt think it would be enough on its own but certainly was- got a new 2x10 to go with it but think may get another 1x15 so will sit on top nicely for bigger gigs- must say very impressed!
  8. [quote name='Tone le Bone' post='639350' date='Oct 28 2009, 06:57 PM']I am selling [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220500339499&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT"]this[/url], wonderfully light, I also played through a TD650 which I have now sold, great sound though. Let me know. Cheers, Tony[/quote] hi- yeah they are great cabs- i had a neo 1x15 but looking for a couple of compact cabs just for small gigs as stil have my ebs 4x10 good luck with the sale
  9. [quote name='mikhay77' post='638641' date='Oct 27 2009, 11:39 PM']The amps are very nice and do agree with the quotes givin,just bought a 1x12 mb combo,sounds great till you get to about half volume and then the speaker starts to 'fart' on the lows and thats on a four string,theres no substitute for surface area,so you would need an extension cab unless your playin small rooms or with a quite band,anything above that a combo doesnt cut it for me,but I have a 4x10,2x10 and 1x15 to use as an extension so I have got something to compare with.[/quote] well i am lucky in having a good bass- does make such a difference- can make the best out of a poor amp- especially with the range of sounds i have with the gb. Think my best bet is to take a mixture of gear to rehearsals- still thinking maybe should of gone for two cabs the same size- shame the travellor cabs are different
  10. [quote name='Jean-Luc Pickguard' post='637664' date='Oct 27 2009, 10:12 AM']Me too [/quote] i have just got a markbass 2x10 cab and a travelor 1x15- not had chance to try out yet due to the neighbours but looking forward to trying them out. Not sure if one cab will be enough for a small gig. Only trouble is that they are different dimensions so dont really sit well together- dont know weatherbeen better off going for two of the same? got a ebs td650 to power them but half tempted to try a markbass just for the small factor and portability
  11. [quote name='JTUK' post='636737' date='Oct 26 2009, 09:43 AM']I like the 2x10 from the MB 210 combo.. so if comparable to that then that is a nice cab. 2 1x12's is a nice solution, either Aguilar GS's which are nice and punchy........ and I would think the DB's rate as well...and have that bottom end, or the EBS option sound nice. I haven't use them myself, tho, and a friend loves his Epifanis. I know plenty of people like a 2x12 so 2 1x12's seem a good carry option, IMV. Am currently loving my GS12 with a 2x10 on top... but I don't plan to gig that config.. I'll keep 10's with a 15 and the 12 with another 12, ideally. I don't want to mix and match odd cabs..[/quote] well finally i have made a decision- i went for the markbass travelor 1x15 with the 2x10- not tried both out yet- a gig will obviously be the ultimate test which i am looking forward to trying them out- only thing is they are bit different in size so not sure how it will all sit together when i get it- hopefully be ok- hope i made the right decision- was also thinking about the aguilar gs route and also the ebs 112's- time will tell!!
  12. Hi- i have a td650 and currently use a proline 4x10- looking to get another smaller cab to save humping the 4x10 around for small gigs- the 4x10 is 4ohm- the markbass cab i have been looking at is an 8ohm- i assume this will be ok to use with the head- as this is an 8ohm how does this effect the output- i.e will the amp have to be driven more to power the cab? Bit useless with this! also i assume if i get another cab it will need to be 8ohm as well so the same? advice much appreciated! thanks
  13. [quote name='JTUK' post='627644' date='Oct 16 2009, 10:46 AM']I wouldn't worry about directional placement so much without FOH..you are trying to fill the room so configure the sound for that as much as anything..[/quote] I am now thinking about the markbass 2x10 travellor- either that or the aguilar or possibly ebs 1x12 just wondering if i went for the markbass would i be better going for the 4ohm version or the 8ohm? the 8ohm is more expensive but not sure what would be most compatible for my ebs td650 head?
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  15. [quote name='wayneyboy' post='624717' date='Oct 13 2009, 09:14 AM']# ok thanks- think want to go even smaller- the neo 2x12 is the same size rougly as my 4x10 so i think the mini cab would be ideal[/quote] been looking at the ashdown cabs-seems quite a few kicking about on here and ebay and dirt cheap new- any thought on these? thinking the 2x10- think it is a toss up between a ashdown 2x10 and 1x15 (about £350 together new) or aguilar 112- x2 for another hundred quid or so or the harkte stuff- do like the ebs stuff but difficult to get secondhand- also could be the eden nemesis 2x10- not sure if one cab will be suffice- also may seem a bit weird has just one cab that is about 12inches high- may need 2 cabs? also if that low down would have to sit on the floor to change my amp settings! choices, choices! ideas?
  16. [quote name='bigthumb' post='624927' date='Oct 13 2009, 01:17 PM']Bumpy Bumpy![/quote] trade for ebs 4x10 proline?
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  20. [quote name='GeeBass' post='623072' date='Oct 11 2009, 01:24 PM']Re-advertised Eden Nemesis NA650 head, Gator 3U Flight Case, Behringer BTR2000 rack tuner and Eden Nemesis NSP210 Speaker Cab. Pricing excluding Postage & Packing Complete set up (all four) for £480[/b] I have owned this gear from New (London Bass Centre) for the last 2 Years. The head has been rack mounted in a Gator 3U shallow flight case with the Behringer BTR2000 rack Tuner from unit. The head is in excellent condition but has a little paint flaked off just round one of the holes for the rack mount (why Eden allow the threads to get paint in them is beyond me) when I was fitting the rack ears. The head has a remote foot switch for mute and switching in and out the semi parametric which is handy. The Speaker cab is a full range cab therefore no problems with 5 string. The Cabinet is in very good condition and quite light for its size due to the cabinet material used. Please note that the cab is 4 ohm and the carpet covering is starting to get a little fluffy. I have used this system mainly for rehearsing and the odd gig. Manufacturers blurb for head. "The flagship of the Nemesis line. The NA650 is 2 spaces high and 17" wide by 11" deep. It features a unique preamp design and an all FET output stage with 650W RMS at 2 ohms. This unit has Enhance, Edge, and Gain boost controls; selectable DI pre/post, front-panel DI level control, as well as a smooth, solid FET sound with plenty of power to drive multiple speaker cabinets. Nemesis NA650 Bass Head Specifications: * Power: 650W [email protected] 2 ohms * Distortion: <.1% * Frequency Response: 10Hz - 18kHz * Headroom: 3dB * Dimensions: 17"W x 3-1/2"H x 11"D * Weight: 28 lbs. Nemesis NA650 Bass Head Features: * 650W RMS @ 2 ohms * Unique preamp design * FET output stage * Semi-parametric EQ with Enhance, Gain Boost, and Edge controls * Selectable pre/post DI with front-panel level control * Pre-EQ effects loop" [attachment=34284:IMG_0297.JPG][attachment=34285:IMG_0298.JPG][attachment=34286:IMG_0299.JPG][attach ment=34287:IMG_0301.JPG][attachment=34288:IMG_0300.JPG][attachment=34287:IMG_0301.JPG][/quote] could i run my ebs td650 with this cab?
  21. [quote name='martinbass7750' post='623721' date='Oct 12 2009, 08:37 AM']My EBS neo 2x12 is for sale at bass direct - I replaced it with a pair of Bergantino neo 1x12's [url="http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/S_H_EBS_212.html"]http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_sp..._H_EBS_212.html[/url][/quote] # ok thanks- think want to go even smaller- the neo 2x12 is the same size rougly as my 4x10 so i think the mini cab would be ideal
  22. [quote name='dangee' post='622910' date='Oct 11 2009, 10:02 AM']I have two EBS neo 112s...one in each hand, bass and amp over the shoulder. Easy![/quote] must admit very tempted by the ebs 112's- so small and compact but loud for such a small cab- how much do these go for new? think be hard to get second-hand
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  24. [quote name='tischbein' post='622257' date='Oct 10 2009, 09:02 AM']If you want quality go with Eden 210 or Schroeder.... or even the 212 versions, and you´ll never look back on the 410s [/quote] so much to choose!! think will definately keep the 4x10 but be nice to have something lighter and bit of a different sound- what sort of prices do the eden 210's go for? would be looking for a pair- i know one would do it but doesnt seem quite right if the rig is below my knees!!
  25. [quote name='lee650' post='392202' date='Jan 26 2009, 11:11 PM']Very special, i love it, thats what i call the rig of doom!!!!!! missing the EBS sound!! - lol [/quote] that is a mental rig!
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