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  1. 3 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

    Indeed, even worse than I thought!

    If you listen to Dio (wot is a proper singist) sing it 'voltages' is very obvious, although it's clear enough when sung by Ozzy.

    I like the albums Dio did with Sabbath but I can't stand him singing the Ozzy era stuff, just doesn't work for me.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

    Lyric sites just copy off each other, perpetuating mistakes.

    Sometimes they copy across obvious errors  (e.g. in War Pigs you'll probably find 'treating people just like chess pieces' instead of 'voltages').

    It's actually "Treating people just like pawns in chess"...

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  3. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1494965479' post='3300089']
    I can't recall seeing any preamp that doesn't use the jack to switch it on and off?

    My Jaydee Supernatural had a mini toggle switch between the volume & tone controls for the active circuit.

  4. [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1494705101' post='3298066']
    Yes. There are a couple in the Music Warehouse in Colchester. 200 yards from the office!!

    It is your destiny....

  5. [quote name='PaulGibsonBass' timestamp='1494452403' post='3296201']
    I have no time for political correctness in it's extremes, but my opinion is that using this phrase isn't acceptable. Am I offended by it? Not really, but I feel that corrupting a word that descibes mental handicaps or learning difficulties to use as a 'humorous' but ultimately derogatory term is out of order, and no more acceptable than calling someone 'spazz', or some other unintentionally cruel playground jibe. I'm sure nobody means to cause offence, but all the same I'm uncomfortable with it.

    I agree with everything you say, except that I do honestly think plenty of people enjoy nothing more than deliberately causing offence.

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