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  1. Pics added. Includes box and instructions etc. Used only for a few hours rehearsal.
  2. Now looking to sell this Dimarzio Ultra Jazz bridge pickup. Boxed and pretty much as new - only used for few hours, unfortunately not the sound I was seeking. See pics below £45
  3. Sorry. Forgot to update this thread yesterday. All sets are sold pending usual business.
  4. Elixir Medium gauge 4 string set: .045 - .105 Coated with nanoweb and will last 3-5 times longer than ordinary strings....so the box says. Used for no more than 10 hours playing time. Plenty of life left in these. £8 posted. 5 sets to sell. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hello friends I'm seeking a wee bit advice on a jazz bass bridge pickup to complement a set of Fender Custom Shop 62 precision efforts. Also set up with a John East pre amp if that makes any difference. I've been looking at the Custom Shop 60s Jazz, but seems tricky finding a lone one.... Many thank yous!
  6. weeludo

    feedback for Deedee

    Bought Dan's 70s reissue precision bass. It was shipped with no hassle, arrived promptly and was well protected for the journey! Easy to do business with and was very patient and helpful with follow up questions. Thanks Dan!
  7. weeludo

    SOLD! Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass CIJ

    Thanks Folks Happy to get back what it cost me but did notice the value has risen.
  8. NOW SOLD This lovely bass served me well for a good few years, but has been sitting in reserve for a while now and I think deserves a better life elsewhere. Bought second hand from this very forum around 2009. The previous owner removed the preamp and I believe upgraded the pickups so please note it is currently set up as passive only. Still sounds great. Can happily point anyone towards some recordings I made on it if you'd like to hear. It has taken a few wee dinks which I've tried to make clear in the pics. I'm based in Glasgow. Happy to discuss collection or posting etc. Thanks for looking.
  9. weeludo

    Euphonic Audio iAmp 350 - WITHDRAWN

    Afraid I've had to withdraw this because of a change in circumstances. Many apologies.
  10. weeludo

    Euphonic Audio iAmp 350 - WITHDRAWN

    Thanks folks. It is indeed a great amp.
  11. Price drop to £185 EuphonicAudio iAmp 350 in perfect working order. Been used for a number of years at gigs large and small so has suffered a few scrapes and scratches. As you can see in the photos the nuts are currently missing on effect send/receive. This has served me very well on electric and double basses in wee rooms and arenas. Happy to include P & P in price or collect from Glasgow (minus postage costs). Comes with snug fitting Gator bag.
  12. Sorry...forgot to mention both these things. Active pickups. You can see them here: http://www.emgpickups.com/products/index/59/25/2 I'm based in Glasgow.
  13. Price drop to £500 postage included.
  14. 1999 Warwick Corvette Standard made in Germany. Swamp ash body. Pickups have been changed to EMG JVs s but I still have the original MECs and am happy to include them in the price. I bought this bass new and it's been a very loyal workhorse its whole life. It has suffered the usual wear and tear and I've tried to be as clear as possible with this in the photos. The eagle-eyed might spot that a pickup screw and bridge saddle are missing, but spares of these are on their way to me as I type. [attachment=144463:P1140887.JPG][attachment=144464:P1140866.JPG][attachment=144465:P1140867.JPG][attachment=144466:buckle2.jpg][attachment=144467:P1140878.JPG][attachment=144468:P1140879.JPG][attachment=144469:P1140881.JPG][attachment=144470:P1140882.JPG] Bass, original pickups and decent kinsman hard case - [s]£550 [/s]£500 including postage.