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  1. [quote name='zbd1960' timestamp='1472404984' post='3120882']
    I've spent some time teaching a few people over the years to read music. One was a complete novice in their 30s, the other was a guitarist. In both cases, I split the pitch and rhythm into separate activities and I focused mostly on getting them to understand rhythm notation and being able to clap or tap it out (people seem reluctant to 'lah' it :rolleyes: ). We did the pitch notation separately and I probably spent 2/3 on rhythm and 1/3 on pitch in the first few sessions.

    Thats interesting thanks. It seems logical too from what i've experienced thus far.

    We have a brass player at church who i was talking to yesterday and he said more or less the same, the notes bit you pick up pretty quick the rhythm more tricky. Also in the first bit we were playing; me by ear/memory and basic chord charts him from the sheet (thats fun for him too cos he has to transpose depending on what he's playing, Up a fifth or a tone etc!) I was pointing out some bits on his sheet that were confusing and he said "oh yeah that's just cos its written badly, you'll see that all the time" :unsure:

    Thanks all for all the links and resources, it's really helpful and much appreciated BTW

    TK :)

  2. Standard.

    Lost count of the times I've fallen asleep playing at home!! Same as the OP long hours running your own business and 2 young kids takes its toll I guess. You get the adrenalin at Gigs though don't you.

    I did used to get a bit down about it but my brother showed me an interview with Mark Knopfler, you know where they ask him why is he so good. He says "...it's just hours and hours of playing. Just always wanting to play.. Playing until you fall asleep with the damn thing." Or words to that effect.
    Made me feel better🙂

  3. Right so i've made a start with the above lesson 20.. The good news is; It seems far less daunting than i thought (so far...) The bad; I cant download the MP3's, my computer keeps trying to do it in Adobe same as the PDF's? Any ideas on why technical types?

    I've kind of got away with it thus far as MrsTK reads music a bit so she can confirm the notage, but a play along track would be muchly helpful


  4. Tom just bought my Stingray. I can echo all of the above statements, great guy to deal with, good communications and paid when he said he'd pay... what more can you ask? Excellent, Thanks
    Tom. :)

  5. [quote name='Damonjames' timestamp='1471991506' post='3117575']
    I do wish I hadn't seen this... I just love the sterling basses.

    At least it's not trans purple with White HH or I'd be in REAL trouble!!


    ^erm... It is trans purple is it not??? Sorry about that... Good luck with the Gas!

    Lovely bass OP BTW. I keep looking at it longingly myself..

  6. [quote name='darkandrew' timestamp='1471910987' post='3116966']
    I've just stumbled across this clip of Tim Muddiman (Gary Numan / PWEI - here with Gary Numan) playing what looks like an EBMM Sterling - would you say that this tone is typical of what the Sterling sounds like?


    Yeah sounds about right to me..

    TBF the Stingray/Sterling difference in tone is a bass player/geek thing really, i very much doubt if anyone else in a band let alone an audience would notice the difference.

    The tone on that vid is to my ears that classic MM slap sound. My Sabre or Stingray5 would have sounded pretty much the same slapped as well.

  7. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1471879747' post='3116640']
    If you like cool colours...

    See the purple Sterling in the For Sale section!

    Yeah.. but sunburst has the better tone..... :ph34r:

    No seriously i'm mega tempted by the purple one and i'm supposed to be selling basses!! :gas: :rolleyes: :facepalm:

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