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  1. Did a trade deal with Martin recently (mesa amp for Markbass cab). Top bloke. We arranged to meet halfway and i had to change at last minute due to family issues, he drove an extra hour each way to help. 

    Deal with confidence. Basschat royalty

  2. Hi All

    Without doubt the best bass I have ever owned. Seriously well made and sounds massive. Powerful EQ can cover pretty much all basses (see what i did there..)

    35 inch scale, Maple burl top, purpleheart fingerboard, 24 frets asymmetric neck carve, Bartolinis and a satin finish. Its about as close as you can get to a 535-24 without blowing £4k!


    The eagle eyed among you may notice I sold this bass before. The story is the electronics got damaged during shipping somehow. It was a long and emotional story which was resolved perfectly amicably but has put me off shipping expensive guitars somewhat.... All the electronics have been restored to stock, cleaned and re-soldered, by a professional (not me).. It is in 100% condition again 

    For that reason shipping around the world  is not high up my wish list.... can be arranged but by the purchaser and insured by you too and at your own risk. Pick up and play before you pay in Dorset much prefered :)

    I've gigged it a lot over the last year, its been my only bass, It has a few marks and some of the satin-ness is becoming more shiny here and there but no big dings or chunks missing

    Complete with plush MTD gigbag. I Will include the fretwrap to sweeten the deal!

    Thanks for looking









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  3. Hi all.

    few pedals for sale here:

    Original (non boxed) 1996 digitech Bass whammy with correct power supply. If you like Tool you know the deal.... £150 delivered UK   SOLD

    Boss LS2  line selector. Run different loops, retain bottom end. You need it in your life.. £55 delivered UK  Sold

    source audio manta filter pedal. Very versatile and dial in pretty much any filter sound you like, use 2 on the fly £90 delivered UK Sold

    works amazingly well with the source audio Hot hand 3. Get your dubstep wobble on. All cables and charger supplied. No box. £60 delivered UK   Sold

    Joyo pipebomb compressor. Surprisingly good actually you could spend £200 more and get a worse one IMHO. £35 delivered UK    Sold


    Thanks for looking?








  4. Hi All

    Never thought I'd do this but... Need the money and have no gigs

    Utter monster of an amp, 220Watts into 4 or 8 Ohms. Serviced in the summer and only used about 3 or 4 times since

    Sounds better than Beyonce  dipped in Caramel

    I'm not too sure on pricing really, do tell me via PM if you think i'm miles out. They don't come up very often and it took me a Looooooooonnnng time to find this one.

    Not really keen on posting the old girl. Can do if you arrange and at your own risk type thing.

    Collection and prior testing in Dorset preferred all round i think. Tea and biscuits also included


    Thanks for looking




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