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  1. The couple i have been eyeing up have been the Chowny SWB1 or the Sterling Ray 34 shortscale, both v different in spec i know and i am probably erring towards the Chowny so i guess basses around the 500 pound mark are what i'm considering.
  2. thanks @stewblack and @Baloney Balderdash, some good considerations. I had been seriously looking at the Chowny SWB, any thoughts on that? 18mm string spacing and looks like a decent neck, plus it looks fantastic. Though i have read that the shape of the body makes it a 'normal' reach to the lower frets that is not really an issue for me and the price point seems decent and, i suspect, probably good sellability should i feel its not right.
  3. sorry if this isn't the right thread but i have a question as never having had a shortscale bass before. So, whenever i read about these, it is obviously the neck length that is shorter, to slightly different dimensions, my question is, what about neck width?, for example, what recommendations are there for good shortscale bass with thin necks to make playing an octave less 'stretchy' for my diddy hands?
  4. That's the one!.. Wal custom active. Met him at a party at Unicorn studios in London and we started talking bass and he said he was selling that one so i had to have it! Wow, that is a great fact :-). His playing was a big influence growing up, along with JJ Burnel., Leigh was / is a top bass player and very underestimated in Bass circles probably because Bow Wow Wow weren't really taken seriously.
  5. I bought My Wal from Leigh Gorman of Bow Wow Wow back in the day... long since sold when i was skint, gutted i do'nt still have that bass
  6. Thanks barkin, that's really helpful.
  7. I am currently looking at a new set up and am v interested these cabs but havn't seen much chat on them. I live in Gibraltar so no chance of trying them out before purchasing so has anyone got them or tried them and what were your thoughts?. I am leaning towards the AT Carbon 212 slim version
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