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  1. Being on the backburner and knowing this thread is a little ol´ - I think i would share this. I have had good experience with the Traben Array 5 and Array 5 limited. Compared to a 5 stringer with 34" scale - I´d say the 35" scale on the Traben does make it tighter. I´ve tried both 45-125 and 050-136 string gauges on these basses and with good results. I really liked the playability on both - they are different tempered - and it was big bang for the buck. The Array 5 Limited was modified with German Made Delano Pickups - and their 3 Eq preamp. This transformed the Array 5 Limited into a very good sounding studio Bass. I´ve have done a lot of studio recordings with this - it´s clean and transparent - you sculpt your sound with your fingers and choice of strings. I can only regret i didn´t get the Neo version beforte they were sold out.
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