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  1. On 21/05/2019 at 15:02, DanOwens said:

    Hi everyone,

    So I bought the cheap SLB100 off the classifieds here as a better bridge between my EUB and upright playing, but there's the bass and a bow and that's it.

    I'm getting a bag custom built for it, but I'm after a stand. Do you have experience of the EUB stands on the market? Stagg? K&M? Kinman? Ingles?

    Do you use any with an SLB100?

    I just want somewhere to prop my bass when not in use. 


    Thanks for your input and wisdom!

    Please see my thread searching for a case here: 


    Hi ,This is the Stagg stand .It is for sale but comes with a Stagg eub.😊20190427_130704.thumb.jpg.fb8e7f0164a60d090e5f6d70840f98f5.jpg

  2. 20190521_194326.thumb.jpg.4857fed9a376ce32fe6c85a71fd32964.jpg20190521_194316.thumb.jpg.8abb868ac1424a6db96a4a8c60be03d8.jpg20190521_194336.thumb.jpg.3d707a632bd38d4cbfa66ab0458dfb77.jpg20190521_194248.thumb.jpg.0a54b376f22bbdaa859f25312aa8d1fa.jpgFor sale only,A Fender 62 reissue P Bass made in MIJ,In lovely condition,just a couple of very small blemishes.just over 8lbs in weight .20190302_123235.thumb.jpg.bb77be70df198b4b738bd185813d2c5f.jpg20190302_123249.thumb.jpg.9fb2812b96a6c86be3e0213e28afe839.jpg20190306_103547.thumb.jpg.0ec4d11f0c03715d5bce19af4424d0bc.jpgno case ,so prefer collection from Grantham Lincs or meet within reason.I have a very old case I could ship it in if necessary.Would be £30 posted within the UK.Overseas you would have to arrange your own courier and insurance if required.Thanks for looking .Rich ☺

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