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  1. Took my 20 year old ABM 500 down to deepest Essex on Thursday for a much needed look at.What can I say.the team down at Ashdown were amazing,got there at 7.30 am coffee straight on ,nice chat with Mark,what a lovely chap.Guy the tech started on my amp before 8 bells ,Replaced all the pots new bulb holder .and a general tidy up ,everything sorted,Very impressed with the way they work and attitude towards their customers.ABM s are built to last and can always be repaired whatever ,apparently.So came away with an old new amp,at a very very reasonable price.Thanks Gents,Very much appreciated.😊

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  2. All works as it should ,in fair condition no rips or tares.Ideal for rehearsal room studio small gigs.20190909_145059.thumb.jpg.9e68b86c46ea35714a260698e93a4831.jpg20190909_145117.thumb.jpg.ffbfe45738ebac4657347f83d59a66ae.jpg Collection only from Grantham,or could deliver into south orCentral Nottingham..Thanks for looking .need it gone.Rich ☺

  3. For sale my Yamaha BB 1100s made in Taiwan either 92 or 2002.That's Yamaha serial numbers for you.Just been set up ,new string and a spare set unopened strings.In good condition all work as it should,just two very tiny dings on the back of the neck.Pops on initial switch from passive to active ,then no pops.Only £45020190930_143453.thumb.jpg.45e7647a46420a4bbd2af258dce768aa.jpg20190930_143501.thumb.jpg.8607128e4e86ba53f2b5cd78e8bdd5f8.jpg,plus a Yamaha case.no trades thank you,Would post  if you arrange courier..UK.20190930_143520.thumb.jpg.a5327ac1f5becf130442818cdac3e445.jpg20190930_143525.thumb.jpg.f3f19ea615ae4df2896a8347233e258b.jpg20190930_143509.thumb.jpg.56c358147d73776f347d66251025cf82.jpg157087893964056788558.thumb.jpg.b10b651d7cf4f7884fc64f7965f2ae76.jpg1570878964939716113863.thumb.jpg.d1b5e174a1f66ec96ccba57abe3184d4.jpg15708790248131664580130.thumb.jpg.c1e747a340881f71ab1cbe3d07a0e7ad.jpg1451057186_s-l1600(8).thumb.jpg.a0b65f7b0c3365173e2e09f2a523d980.jpg only,or collect from Grantham Lincs,.or meet within reason  


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