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  1. 20200211_105400.thumb.jpg.2b162f9e28de80a354a352452b6d799d.jpgBought on here from Alain ( EAD)This lovely 62 reissue Jazz bass in Faded Olympic White,not playing much at all theses days.😥 so just sits on its stand wanting to be played.Circa 2003/5 Rosewood board a few little dings here and there nothing major,a pre ead owner put a large sicker on the back ,probably to stop buckle rash,hence not faded like the rest on the body,This does not detracts from it being a super bass to play.Comes in a nice oblong case ,Collection or meet ,as I have no box and Halfords are being mardy.Thanks for looking.Rich☺ 20200211_102525.thumb.jpg.9e903304e16ef4b8dbdfaf25325d439f.jpg20200211_102538.thumb.jpg.b3055bb85d8faa8ac13d4a23c43f2bd8.jpg20200211_105400.thumb.jpg.2b162f9e28de80a354a352452b6d799d.jpg20200211_105416.thumb.jpg.d2d86516ba2dbea9fa7115619db281c6.jpg1309780312_62RI02.jpg.57885d4d6d09418f8ca7820418d42cac.thumb.jpg.686d2ea1b4e4c400fb439f5d4ebc38ae.jpg

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