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  1. I made my own Rickenfaker but I call it RickenBuster (Maple and Lapacho wood, Kramer Quad rail pick up, Schaller tuners, All parts bridge, custom pg and inlays)
  2. thx! Nop, my band is a tribute to a local rockstar: Pappo Napolitano (Pappo´s Blues and Riff)
  3. Hi, it´s me again from Argentina. I want to show you this time a bass that I made taking all the things that I love from Leo Fender basses. The ALL IN ONE bass or the Feo (ugly) Lender (funny name jeje) Body: Lenga (guindo) Neck; american maple Pickups: 2 Wilkinson Platinum MM style 1 Volume (500k), 1 tone (500k+82uf), 2 kill switch Color: Rustoleoum metallic apple red + sherwin williams polyurethane clearcoat
  4. thanks!! and I love Dusty´s basses jeje
  5. My black basses Fender Pbass MIM - Jackson Kellybird JS3 - Markk TeleBuster I - Squier-Fender Jbass (dimarzio pickups) - Cort Punisher II Gene Simmons
  6. Hi, Im from Argentina (excuse my poor english) and I made this bass starting with an old jazz body, some pallet wood and a chinese lefty neck. Pickups are from 2 Squier basses and tunners are Gotoh Classic. I hope you like it.
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