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  1. Eurosender can still operate in the UK but only with express option which means 24h delivery, with fast customs and easy import/export process.
  2. Exporting goods to Europe after Brexit, Many are questioning how Brexit will affect postage, and what are the appropriate services when shipping to Europe after Brexit. People can still send packages from the UK to the UK, using Eurosender standard shipping services. You can use the Express shipping service through Eurosender for shipping to/from Europe after Brexit. The customer must fill out the proforma, and any other additional documentation that may be requested. The delivery dates are within 48h-72h from the moment of collection. The customer will receive the good directly to their front door. In time we will add more couriers who can perform custom process up to set standards. Charges for all imports to the UK will undergo customs fees and procedures. The custom tariffs, or any other procedures, when exporting from the UK to any other EU country after Brexit, will depend on the country of import. Kind regards,
  3. Hi Chiliwailer, Courier drivers will pick-up shipments from the outside of the building and not from closed spaces. That is the restriction that all couriers have and as well lowering max weight of the package to 30kg, as the package is handled by 1 person. We need to follow the instruction that couriers set as a safety measure. The second thing, I do understand the importance of packages being delivered promptly, but as you can imagine all couriers are working on full capacities and some delays might happen. As well, if you are going to place any orders around Christmas, I would advise you to plan it accordingly and be aware of holidays. Let me know if I can somehow assist you. https://www.eurosender.com/en/service-updates/covid-19 https://www.eurosender.com/en/christmas-delivery
  4. 1. Write the name of the box: - In the case, the label is damaged, write on the box receiver and senders information, so it can be tracked. 2. Sending from a company, hotels or public address: - In the case you are sending, let us say, from office, you need to put companies name first following the person who is gonna give the parcel. - The same case is if you have a reception in the building or similar, you put reception then the name of a person. 3. Proper pickup and delivery address: - It is really important to place exactly address. - If there is no name od door, place the doorbell - Use correct zip code for your address. - Pay attention if it one-way street or there is nor space for them to stop and handle the parcel. - Providing the local phone number! Couriers are not obliged to call you. - Always check the details on Google map. 4. Missed collection: - ASAP Contact Eurosender and we will see what is feedback from couriers (wrong address,…) and schedule it for the following day. 5. Size: - Standard shipping. Weight up to 30 kg, The maximum length of 175 cm, Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm - Express shipping limitation. Single dimension in excess of 120cm and up to 300cm is allowed Max. weight: 70 kg 6. Insurance: - Insurance applies if the package is well packed. - The hardcase is the preferred choice. - This package needs to be well packed as it is often handled by machines and conveyor belts as well. - Isolated from vibration. - Take picture of how it is packed. If you packed it well, you can use it in the claim process. - If you see the damaged on the box, ask for couriers to fill the report. If you see damaged in size. Immediately contact Eurosender and provides us with pictures. - Bass guitars deserve to be fully and properly packed and that is your responsibility. - In the case of damage, Eurosender starts a claim against courier who is responsible for handling packages. 7. Excluding couriers: In the case, you would like to exclude specific courier, let us say DPD, you need to create a profile and then write to [email protected] that you wish to be excluded. Keep on mind, that second suggested option can be more expensive we alert offer most affordable option compared to the quality. 8. Placing the order: - Select the packages! - Is it EU-EU or not? If it is EU is can be express and standard. If it is non-EU and globally it is just express! - Standard vs. express shipping. Standard shipping is more affordable. The express option is considered more premium services as it has lees transport points. 9. Payment: - Go to www.eurosender.com - Choose from and to where you will send and click next - Enter delivery and pick up address and click next - Review your order - Choose your payment method and enter code BASSCHAT10
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