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  1. Solid spruce top doesn't mean expensive at all. Spruce is basically just a very thin piece of wood the same as the pine in your Ikea furniture. The piece of spruce on a guitar would literally cost pennies. To have an acoustic which sounds good acoustically, I would recommend it too. Small bodied composite top guitars sound like toys (quacky/plasticcy). I know because I have one, which I enjoy for intentionally getting a toy guitar sound.
  2. I always hated that sound. It is not hard to create at all either.
  3. the "pedal" for an electric bass to sound more like a double bass is a piece of foam wedged under the strings. If you want to go deeper than that, a Ukulele bass sounds a lot like a double bass thanks to its plastic strings.
  4. thanks, that is helpful to know. I get the feeling that when the right sound is dialled in with pedals and wotnot, it has the potential to outperform a guitar specific amp.
  5. I have noticed TC BG250's pop up at reasonable prices near me. I have a need for a Bass Amp because I have a Bass guitar but no amp and would like to open myself up to playing in Bands live. but I am more of a guitar player and don't have a reliable modern guitar amp worthy of gigging either, so I was wondering if a combination of the EQ knobs and TC's toneprint can make their Bass amps respond in a manner that would be decent for guitar? I know that modern Bass amps can have rubber woofers and tweeters which sound/respond radically different to old timey paper cones used in Guitar amps. But at the same time some classic Bass amps like the Fender Bassman, found success specifically as guitar and not bass guitar amps.
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