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  1. Hi, this may come across as a newbie question however after a year of playing my 24 fret bass im getting a new 20 fret bass which is medium scale as I have tried these out and I prefer the shorter neck. My question is that I have some riffs that are using the 21st fret of the bass, however this will not be possible on a 20 fret bass (for obvious reasons), so what could I do (if anything) to get this note, I have browsed the internet with this question many times and to my knowledge it has not been covered. My only guessing is bending the string on the 20th fret or tuning the bass differently. I was wandering what other peoples thoughts on this was. And again im sorry if this is an awful and newbie question, this is the only place that I can think of on trying to get my question answered. Thanks :)
  2. Yeah still not so sure what the scale length is, supposedly 32” but not for certain, and I totally agree they should make this significant information more obvious
  3. The new classic vibe jaguar bass is available to preorder in loads of online stores but when do you think they’ll be released officially? https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/squier-classic-vibe-jaguar-bass-il-black
  4. Yeah think I might buy one but I’m still torn on whether or not to wait and see what scale this new one is first purely because I’m picky and like the look of the newer one 😛
  5. No they haven't shipped them out yet which is probably what all the confusion is about, kinda wishing it was a 30" scale length though
  6. Yeah its really frustrating, I will just have to wait until they bring out a Mike Kerr signature for sale (which they never will) as his bass is insanely gorgeous 😍
  7. Well according to the support guy I talked to he messaged their fender supplier and they came back to say it was 32", that exact bass everywhere is on pre-order for next year so might have to get myself one But in an ideal world I would love a 30" jaguar bass with the rectangular inlays in a cherry red colour if they ever did colour variants. Also wish I was skilled enough to build my own custom one which will save me a lot of time trying to find the specific one I had in mind
  8. Ah ok thanks a lot, I have seen the modified one before but preferred the inlays that the classic vibe one had. I also got in contact with the company and they looked over it and said its a 32" not 34", I am not sure on what scale lengths are classed as short scale and long scale but I did a quick search and found out 30" is classed as short and 34" is long, so would 32" still out as short or no? Sorry for all the dumb questions as I said im still new to the world of bass
  9. Hi so I am fairly new to bass, I have been playing since the start of the year and only have a practice bass at the moment and looking at buying a new one come Christmas. I am a huge fan of Royal Blood and wanted a jaguar squire bass SS however the one that I have found and want is both described as short scale and long scale on two different websites, I was wandering if someone could help me find out if this bass is short scale or long scale. https://www.pmtonline.co.uk/squier-classic-vibe-jaguar-bass-il-black?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwr-_tBRCMARIsAN413WTLL03HCdW5XfbrM0CakXZiRSB7B7egWD06zI71sAPoezvpjsk2_c0aAv3fEALw_wcB#product-details On this website it has a scale length of 34" which is long scale? https://www.dawsons.co.uk/squier-classic-vibe-jaguar-electric-bass-guitar?prod=210026&gclid=Cj0KCQjwr-_tBRCMARIsAN413WQTBSjt1uv0TLHy020M2NtSoBFhDR-CsP5NoKYTuu3M0CUVog-q2LwaAur9EALw_wcB And on this website it has a scale length of 30" which is short scale I believe. To me both of these basses are the same and are just described differently on each website unless there are two different versions of the same bass, I just want to make sure I am purchasing a short scale thank you :))
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