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  1. MonkeyTrick

    Poor mans Moog Taurus - possible?

    This thing is apparently fantastic but usb only. Don't think that will work here. Unless I'm mistaken. What do you mean when you say 'reliable' here dude? Isn't it essentially the same idea? I'd go for what I assume you mean by reliable (Taurus or a minotaur plus pedal) but I need the traditional key functionality as well. Cheers guys! This is starting to make a bit more sense.
  2. MonkeyTrick

    Poor mans Moog Taurus - possible?

    Thanks for the help dude. I bought a Bass Station 2 yesterday for an absolute steal. If im using something like the 1010 will the note sustain when the switch is held just like holding a key? I'm wondering if a cheap organ pedal is the better option (Eg. https://www.gak.co.uk/en/studiologic-mp-113-midi-pedalboard/101162?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIt82blr7B2wIVk5EbCh2rzAkZEAQYAiABEgJiCfD_BwE)
  3. MonkeyTrick

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!! PRICE DROPPED!! £385. Carvin B1500

    Any chance this could be shipped to London?
  4. MonkeyTrick

    Moog Taurus III - precisely what we didn't want?

    I've just posted something on here and I think yoy might have answered my question! What size pt do you use for this?
  5. Hey guys, This might seem similar to another topic on here but I have some different requirements. I'm basically trying to achieve the functionality of a Moog taurus but on a budget so I totally accept it's going to be a big clunky mess. I'm looking at buying a synth to create some huge, strange sounds to go under/alongside my playing as I'm the only guitarist in a 3-piece (playing a bass vi). What would you recommend? I'd like something fairly affordable that I can play like a keyboard but then trigger with some kind of foot controller. The mininova seems perfect but you can't seem to trigger patches with a midi foot switch. Any ideas?
  6. MonkeyTrick

    SWR Big Ben 1x18 Cab - SOLD

    If only this was near London...
  7. MonkeyTrick

    Pedaltrain Classic JR

  8. MonkeyTrick

    RIP Caleb Scofield

    One of the best bassists and vocalists in heavy music. Huge influence on me. What a massive loss for the community. One of countless crushing vocal performances by the guy:
  9. MonkeyTrick

    Pedaltrain Classic JR

    It is !
  10. MonkeyTrick

    B3n - working on sub-500ma supply?

    Evening all. Anyone had any experience powering a b3n from a 300/400ma out on a power supply as opposed to the 500ma its rated at? I've been happily running an ms60b at 200ma with zero issues.
  11. MonkeyTrick

    Fearless Flyers/ Ace of Aces

    I really enjoyed this. Seriously admire a drummer that be so effective with a kit this simple.
  12. MonkeyTrick

    Charity shop PA system

    UPDATE - it's been sold thanks for the tip-off though Grangur! Bloomin'eck, I'm after a cheap P.A. since the one from our practice space gave up recently. Very tempted to give this a go. Going to be a challenge with work!
  13. MonkeyTrick

    Feedback for: Thornybank

    I needed an Octaswitch. Chris had one. Easy as.
  14. MonkeyTrick

    Spare power supply cables - do they exist?

    You guys are the best, thanks so much. All sorted!
  15. MonkeyTrick

    Spare power supply cables - do they exist?

    Thanks for trying to help ! Felt a bit lost with this earlier. No reply from the corp email yet. Excellent! Thanks for the recommendation. I know it seems (read:is) incredibly naive but I wanted to check if generics are going to do the same job as the official ones but I'll give the shop you suggested a go.