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  1. Yeah I agree, I'm not keen on modifying the body so it would have to slot in. God knows how I'd find ones that will line up nicely.
  2. I have no idea dude, I did include the measurements though
  3. Just wondering if it's going to set me back more than the value of the guitar haha
  4. I was in a rush, I think it's mostly just the rubbish angle
  5. Great idea! I'm based in London. I know next to nothing about wiring pickups but will get in contact.
  6. I found a late 70s / early 80's EKO bass and it is the most comfortable I've ever played. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the pickups. They are not great for big grindy tones. I usually use a lot of effects in one band and just through a Darkglass b3k in another but these pickups sound awful through either when compared to my Squier P or Ibanez Src6. It's not the flatwounds, I've tried the setup with both. I've been looking at replacements but I'm pretty overwhelmed with choice and unsure which size is going to fit as the stock ones seem super small can anyone give some advice? Pics below for sizing.
  7. Usually 3 times a week, 3/4 hours on 2 weeknights and then a longer session on most weekends. Lucky to have our own studio so make the most of it. We have a zoom h4n always ready for jams/interesting ideas which all get cut and uploaded to a cloud service.
  8. Just to add, I took the drivers out and although they were Eminence, someone had used a knife to cut away the model no's on every one and the area that usually bears the model name on the magnet sticker was blank. They are a type of 16 ohm driver that look a bit like the beta (250w) and delta (350w) but with a mix of traits from both. The magnet was delta sized but the shape and design of the cone beta sized. Maybe some weird OEM custom job? The actual cab itself was manufactured by Carvin but I know for a fact that the speakers are aftermarket.
  9. Thanks for all the help and insight guys. I also moved house the same week so everything has been a bit chaotic, hence the late update. Panic over. The lovely people at Lean (https://www.lean-business.co.uk/) sorted me out just in time as at that point the thread seemed to be pretty much in favour of replace>repair. Cannot recommend them enough, a really lovely couple. Gig went really well and the cab sounded monstrous all night pushed to extremes by the weird and noisy bands on the bill. As an aside, the mad squat party was far better organised than the two mainstream clubs we played last week. I'm going to attempt a fix on the damaged speaker, so will give it a go and update a little later down the line along with photos. I'm reasonably handy but not so with intricate/technical stuff, luckily it doesn't really matter if my patient doesn't pull through!
  10. Thanks so much. I'm in North London but the chap on that thread has had his info removed, I think there was an issue with the image he uploaded. Currently in the back of the van getting the grille off !
  11. Thanks guys. There's one major issue though, we have an agreement to provide the cab for the show. I'm going to go and try to get the speaker out and see if I can find a replacement driver but I'm not the most technical (clearly). Again, I'm in London if anyone reads this and knows a decent tech.
  12. Thanks man. I'm based in London but don't know how I'm going to get it repaired in time, let alone do it myself! I'll try and find somewhere in the morning, hopefully someone here has a contact.
  13. I'm in the middle of a string of gigs and part of a hi-hat stand managed to get through the grille and puncture (a rough 2 x 2 inch ish) hole in the bottom right cone of my 8x10 while it sat in the back of the van. Bit of a pickle with a big gig on Wednesday, never had this happen before. What should I do? It looks a bit too severe to patch up. Cheers all in advance.
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