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  1. You tried, got to get props for that
  2. Cheers chaps, obviously open to haggling haha
  3. Hey Guys So, I have an issue with my hands/wrists, so, stopping playing bass altogether now, and sticking to guitar, since, I can get through a gig doing that. Sadly, this is my last remaining bass, and, i have stuck it up elsewhere, but realised I could do so here. Price is priced keen I think, and comes with a hardcase, obviously open to offers too. As you will see from the pics, it has a Hipshot G7 tuner on it (the original is in the drawer and will be provided with it. Bass is about 2 years old, came direct from Spector, and, I believe was the last one of these that came into the UK before they changed the design of the CK. Gigged a handful of times (not even double figures), lives in a smoke free studio. Pretty much ding free, still has original strings on it too. Its a truly wonderful thing, and, fortunately not as big as a thunderbird, and fits in a standard bass case. Anything else you want to know, let me know
  4. ok, last couple of questions on this, I promise! or at least, I will try and promise haha. I am used to getting more expensive spectors, so, I half thought about refinishing this one, but the colour is kinda nice (I was thinking red). I know how to do that colour wise with stain/dye, clearcoat etc, all good on that, and, very kindly been helped above on pickups, so, thats sorted, so, hardware! Tuners - are these actual Gotoh? or, copies? I have seen some Gotoh GB707B, which seem to be the right ones, and match the hipshot I just put on it Bridge - is it ok? I dont know much about them, so, wondering "what" this one is, and, what would be a good/much better direct replacement for it? The input jack is a bit dodgy, do I need a specific for EMGs? Or, probably more pertinent, should I look at different options if I am upgrading? I like the solderless stuff I put in my guitars, but, theres solder all over the place on this one, so,its not the same. Actually thinking about it, if I replace the HZs with active 35s, I already have a battery in there, do I need to?
  5. I should probably go into more detail haha Play bass at the moment in a band here called Psychobabylon, just rerecorded the bass on their latest EP since they wanted to do a video (which we have) and, I wanted to play along to my own basslines, can check it out here - https://psychobabylon.bandcamp.com/ Its getting pretty cool reviews, and the handful of shows I have done with them have been storming. Currently using a Spector CK-4, which is epic I have to say, I like it more than my old rebop, and my old Euro4lx, both of which I actually still wish I had! Just picked up a Q4 pro (as identified by you lovely chaps here), which had been listed as a performer, but I knew wasnt. Its pretty nice, but, pickup and possibly hardware changes will be coming, I may even refinish it, who knows. Using a Trace Elliot ELF most of the time, since, it sounds wicked, and, is literally the easiest amp to carry in the universe haha. Sounds great through a 4x10. Grabbed an ashdown cab as we have an endorsement with my other band with them. Probably going to pick up an SVT Pro, or, an old AH500 trace if i can find one Also play guitar in a band called The Main Grains, with the wonderful Danny McCormack from The WIldhearts. Epic bass out of his monster of a Fender! Quite unnatural haha. But, with them being busy at the moment, I am taking advantage and playing bass again (Cant do it in that band with Danny there!). Guitar wise, Tokai Love Rock, customised to hell, and, a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe, and, a Blackstar Series One half stack. We got deals with Hagstrom, Blackstar and Ashdown, but, I do love both guitars, and the crunch channel on the amp. Also part of the team for Call Of The Wild festival, had our first year this year, went almost perfect, bands like Wildhearts, Hardcore Superstar, The Treatment, Kicking Valentina, Bullets & Octane and well, about 65 more over 3 days. Too much like hard work haha
  6. Read my mind! Any suggestions as to which ones? I had a look inside, and, there seems to be soldering on everything, not the usual click in stuff I expect on EMGs, so, I reckon a wiring kit may be needed? (I dont know, I may be waffling haha)
  7. Seems to be yeah Thanks also So, my next question will be... Pickups!? Are the HZ ones the same solderless connectors as other EMGs? Any suggestions as to replacements? (I love the tone from the ones in my CK4) If I am upgrading from HZ to "standard" active EMGs, do I need to change anything else? I remember I think I had to change volume pot and jack input on a les paul I did
  8. Thanks Yep, a quick google and thats the one. I am thinking I may need to upgrade the pickups to keep up with the CK4
  9. Thank you kindly, quite glad they still make them both, or at least I can get them. Always my favourite sound/look Playing guitar is fun, I have a couple lovely ones, and, am in a band I am lucky to be in, but, forgot how much I always enjoyed playing bass till I started again
  10. Ok, I dont mean the white one, thats my CK-4 The black one (has a bit of a green tinge to it). I have just aquired it, and, its lovely. Made in Korea, I originally thought it was some form of legend, or, maybe a version of the NS2000 perhaps? The legend seems darker round the edges than this, and I think the NS2000 are often more rounded (like a euro). Its got the EMG HZ pickups in it, and, when it was being sold was marked as a performer, but, am 99% certain its not one of them, any thoughts? Its lovely it has to be said. Lighter than the CK-4, which is nice
  11. Hey all, Been a browser here for ages, thought I would actually register and join in Been playing 30 years, dabbled in guitar for 10, came back to bass again recently. Spector basses, Trace Elliot amps, no FX cheers JJ
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