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  1. Thx man very informative thing is I'm an old rocker, for me nobody and nothing is going to convince me that the ampeg svt 2 pro is not the ultimate in bass sound I love it ! Thing is never sure if a valve going flipped until it does not gigging as much and as I said not as young as I was lol found the tech 21 sansamp vt deluxe think for me it's going to be a winner
  2. Thinking of buying one of these anybody got any experience of them ?
  3. Hi Is this still for sale ? How much postage ? Thx
  4. Had one of them neck full of deadspots lol nice stingray by the way
  5. Hi is it a chunky neck ? I prefer them, either way its a been well looked after, it looks almost new
  6. Hi Does it come with the special patch lead ?
  7. Oh stinky poo ! Now what do I do with a mpv that needs refinishing?
  8. Has pedulla ceased trading? Anybody know anything
  9. Wow haven't seen one of these for years I remember playing one in reidys Blackburn 84ish couldn't afford it I was only 14 but it left an impression I think your right though bit of an 80s marmite bass
  10. I almost bought a purple one in early 90s but was beaten to it, nice bass
  11. Its a common misunderstanding Swiss designed only two prototypes were made all others Japanese
  12. Thx i hadn't realised that it was that strick surely its old and can be dated by the serial no?
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