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  1. (I keep it) Trade only (value 4500 euros) Leduc HUB3F-4. New condition Date of manufacture: Dec 2017 Two year wait. Manu Vallognes model Ubass fretless 4 strings SJB5 + RMC Hybrid One single magnetic pickup Options: - 2 knobs only, not totally machined routings for the "4 pots" - Fingerboard going up to the pickup Ordered on 05/07/2015: Delivered in December 2017 (very recent bass) Description of a floating top bass, model: UB3F-4, fretless, 4 strings Features of the NECK: set neck, scale: 860mm, maple neck, with Para rosewood fingerboard (Brazil), thicknesses at 1st and 12th position: 21.0 mm to 22.5 mm, thin and fast (0.83’- 0.89’), shape of the neck: more "fleshy" grip on the side of the high strings (more tone), Head type: headless, tailpiece tuning, Features of the FINGERBOARD: number of positions: 28, usual on Masterpiece and U-basses fretless, nut width: 36 mm (1.42’) 4 strings, string spacing at 9 mm (0.35’) PB, width at the end of the fingerboard: 61.1 mm, fingerboard radius: 305mm, bone nut, markers: all dots in ivoroid Ø 1.5mm, 1st oct on the bass side, 2nd on the treble side, side markers: cream plastic Diameter 1.5mm, no additional inlays on the fingerboard, Features of the BODY: Brazilian mahogany body with a red cedar top with rear comfort only, strap buttons: 1 on horn and 1 on the right, standard, output placement (s): rear face on Strat type plate, varnish: oiled / waxed finish, body thickness 45 mm recommended finish: natural waxed Features of the TOP: the table is of the floating type in red cedar, the bracing bars are made of premium spruce, Features of the PARTS: finish colour of the metal parts: cosmo black, machine heads: Leduc string lock for headless basses, strap button model: Schaller with "security-lock", bridge: wooden bridge, potentiometer buttons: wooden, flush, 2 potentiometers only, flush and the same wood as the body (mahogany). Volume towards the horn and balance (smaller button) between the body and the table, Features of the ELECTRONICS: type of electronics: passive electronics potentiometer configuration: flush volume, built-in blend, NO TONE! routing between body and table limited to the single potentiometer access to electronics: Access from the rear recessed plate, passive magnetic electronics and 'RMC Hybrid' mixing preamp between magnetic pickup and 'RMC Acoustic Gold' piezo Features of the PICKUPS: fixing method: at the bottom of the routings bridge pickup: single coil Jazz Bass type Additional Notes: Seymour Duncan SJB-5 pickup strings 45-60-85-105 D’Addario flat wounds ————— —- Asking second-hand price (to be negotiated) ———————————— Details of the purchase price: (UB3F-4 U-Bass v3 fretless, 4 strings, 2 mag, passive 3900.00 € op3-1M U-Bass option, no neck pickup -100.00 € op3-4RMC Option UB 4 strings, RMC piezo and Hydrid preamp 600.00 € Total including tax Net price 4400.00 € + Pmau-n “Comfort” plate (ramp) between pickup and fingerboard, same wood as the fingerboard € 150.00 Total including tax Net price 4550.00 €
  2. I think that It's better for the future owner, no one likes to show off pictures of their exes , and I need place for other pictures ! give me you mail address, so I will send you all the pictures !
  3. Sasha builds instruments for some of Finland's best players, and our starting point with this bass was 'Fodera AJ 6 contrabass guitar meets 60's jazz bass. So he looked very carefully at the AJ6 I had, and the neck is a fairly direct copy. The body is thin and comfortable. Specs: 36" scale, 21 frets 20 mm spacing at the bridge Bolt-on maple neck, AJ profile. Slim C that is fast but not flat or uncomfortable at all. Great for long sessions. Brazilian rosewood fretboard (which you can't get any more due to CITES) Flame alder body, dried 30 years Flame maple top Hipshot ultralite tuners Electronics: Aero one-off custom pickups. Coil splittable so that you have coils in the same proportional positions as a 60s jazz bass. We asked the Aero guy to make the pickups imitate AJ tone in humbucking mode and 60 JB in single coil mode and he asked for every spec on the bass and wound the pair for this bass. Used a single pole piece for c string for evenness of tone. Pope flexcore pre-amp. Case and shipping included Unique bass TRADED
  4. Closed now ! Thanks For Trade Pedulla-Orsini EL-10 B (1974) Year : 1974 weight : 4,4 kg Scale Length: 34” Scale String Spacing: 19mm Woods : All maple except fingerboard Rosewood Pickups: 2x DiMarzio One (DP 120) with a phase inverter and a parallel / serial switch per pickup. Ask for more information please….
  5. FT/FS Status S2 Custom headless 5 strings (2019) (Reduced price 2600£) now 2500£ For Sale---For Trade Superb and rare Status S2 like new (2019), excellent condition Specifications: Serial Number: 12…… Date Completed: 14/01/2019 Neck Details: Woven Carbon Graphite, 5 string, Fretted, Black Phenolic Fingerboard Scale Length: 34” Scale String Spacing: Standard Facing: Burl Maple Back: Utile Centre Tone Block: Custom Option Finish: High Gloss Polyester Pickups: 2x Soap-bar Circuit: Board 303 Hardware: Black Custom Options: Front & Side LEDS-Red Burl Maple Faux Bindinf Custom Two-piece Face with Walnut and Utile back Set-up with low action and Status Graphite ”Hotwire” String Weidht: 4.5kgs Case Status + paper and invoice
  6. You’ll sell it quickly, too bad I don’t have the cash !!!
  7. It’s still a very nice bass
  8. But this is not the first time, as usual it will return until the day when ...
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