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  1. FT/FS Status S2 Custom headless 5 strings (2019) (Reduced price 2600£) For Sale---For Trade Superb and rare Status S2 like new (2019), excellent condition Specifications: Serial Number: 12…… Date Completed: 14/01/2019 Neck Details: Woven Carbon Graphite, 5 string, Fretted, Black Phenolic Fingerboard Scale Length: 34” Scale String Spacing: Standard Facing: Burl Maple Back: Utile Centre Tone Block: Custom Option Finish: High Gloss Polyester Pickups: 2x Soap-bar Circuit: Board 303 Hardware: Black Custom Options: Front & Side LEDS-Red Burl Maple Faux Bindinf Custom Two-piece Face with Walnut and Utile back Set-up with low action and Status Graphite ”Hotwire” String Weidht: 4.5kgs Case Status + paper and invoice
  2. You’ll sell it quickly, too bad I don’t have the cash !!!
  3. It’s still a very nice bass
  4. But this is not the first time, as usual it will return until the day when ...
  5. Here you are a unique Warrior USA Dran Michael Signature Custom 7 Strings, fretboard by Christophe LEDUC. KILLER BASS & TERRIFIC SOUND Specifications : Body : Two Purplehearts wings, with AAAAA Flamed Maple Top (minimum 80 Years old) Neck : 3 pieces of Quartersawn Maple and Purpleheart, with 4 thin woods veneers (minimum 80 Years old) Fingerboard : One MAGNIFICIENT piece of Amazonian Rosewood installed by Christophe LEDUC Inlays : MOP dots installed by Christophe LEDUC with sword inlay Headstock veener ; AAAAA Flamed Maple Top Headstock : 4 + 3 shape angled with MOP Warrior's logo Frets : 24 Silver/Nickel new frets, installed by Christophe LEDUC with differential planimetry for very low action Pickups : Two Bartolini's Humbucker Preamp : 18V Bartolini NTMB+F (F for Fretted), with 3 bands EQ, Medium frequencies switch, and Sparkle Circuit installed by Warrior Controls : Volume/Blend/Stacked Bass and Treble/Mids with frequencies switch Jack connector : Neutrik Tuners : Gotoh GB707 with Warrior's "W" Bridge : Hipshot "A" style with Strings Thru body on B,E and A strings Strings spacing at bridge : 17mm Nut : Ivory Strings spacing at nut : 9mm Knobs : Gold metal knobs Scale : 34" Hardware colour : Gold Trussrod : One FULL WORKING installed and crafted by Christophe LEDUC (so need a 4mm allen wrench) Land of Craftsmanship : USA, and a little of France... Weight : 5.3 kg (Very light for an ERB) Action : from 2mm under the B strings to 1.5mm under the F strings at 12th fret. You can go lower if you want Strings : Pyramide 7string bass set SSSL 022-128 This bass will come with a Rockcase from Warwick ———— The fingerboard has been completely changed by Christophe LEDUC with a gorgeous Amazonian Rosewood piece of wood, the last one he had. ———— He also fretted the bass and performed a differential planimetry (straight planimetry in treble side, and slightly curved in the bass side). The action is very low without any buzz, and the sound... To Die For. Huge presence in the bass without touching preamp, and lots of low-mids. Playing comfort is exceptionnal, the neck is flat and very fast. ———— This combination of these two excellent Luthiers gave a wonderful Instrument IMO. ———— You can see it, and listen it with no modification with preamp, on every pickups positions : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-7aHlo4iG7IfZtHftMBeyVVrVqtHcsVR Street price for this instrument is about 10000$. Ok for Shipping Don't hesitate to ask for more informations.
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