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  1. All done with the case, leather hinges and a pull knob for the compartments.
  2. compartments and covers finished, just need to add pulls to open them.
  3. Impossible to find a hardshell case for this one, so I built this. Just need to finish the 2 compartments.
  4. Still in the process of tweaking string height, but for now it plays well. One of the pickups has noticeably lower output than the other, but I will be changing those and the electronics soon. I'm thinking about putting a set of D'addario Chromes on it as well.
  5. Hardware update, Installed new tailpiece and bridge assembly from Winfield. Looks 1000% better, corrected the string spacing as well.
  6. Update !!! Spent the last few days since receiving the bass working out a viable solution to fix the neck/body joint break. Pretty much had to remake the neck heel by cutting the broken part and adding a tenon, then mortising the body to mate the two. Glued and clamped it up and let cure for 2 days. This is the result. Still need to finish the repaired area and tweak the action and intonation. Electronics work fine. Tuned it to pitch and all seems well. And that "R" has got to go. possible harp tailpiece replacement and a correct bass bridge from Winfield.
  7. Glued the tenon to the neck and roughed out the mortise in the body,
  8. No return necessary. I am going to try to repair it with a deeper pocket into the body to act as a mortise, then removing about 1/2" to 5/8" of the lower part of the heel and gluing a piece of maple to it to act as a tenon into the deeper pocket. Not sure if it will work, but that's the track I'm on right now.
  9. Update, full refund in progress, Yay !!!
  10. I ordered a fakenbacker 4005 bass back on 11 June. Item arrived today and is broken at the neck joint. the overall quality for what I paid, is not bad, but the neck joint construction is a joke. Maybe 1 and 1 1/4 inches of the neck is glued into the pocket. Ridiculous !!! I knew when I ordered it I was taking a risk, but I was hoping for the best. I am trying to open a dispute, but I cannot get confirmation that it is opened. I cannot seem to get past EVA, that infernal BOT. I have contacted the seller, but because of the time difference , I probably won't hear til tomorrow. Any ideas on how to get a live person on Ali Express.
  11. Correct. I ordered it on 6/11. The site shows a 7 day processing duration, with an option to extend that or simply cancel the order.
  12. I just received this email, apparently from the builder of the bass I bought through Ali Express. Here is the content. xuecheng zheng: Hello, friend Are you here? I need your help, and the rest of the time very nervous, could you give me some more time I was able to fully complete your guitar, in order to guarantee the quality of the guitar (in your order page, please help me to prolong time) thank you very much, looking forward to your reply. AliExpress has the extend processing option on the page where I purchased the bass along with option to cancel the transaction. I'm pretty sure it's legit, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this before I choose to extend the processing time. Thanks in advance for your input Mike
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