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  1. I had a Sterling Ray35 Classic, which I loved, but was too big for me. It weighed in just over 12lbs and It had to go...
  2. John McVie with early Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. I'm stuck in a time warp in the late sixties British Blues Band explosion. Someone earlier mentioned Roscoe Beck. I also saw Robben Ford and the Blue Line in the 1990’s (I think) at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon and was impressed with Roscoe, so I shall have to include him too.
  3. Talking of short scale basses, I’m getting a serious attack of GAS for the Sterling Stingray short scale. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/bass/sterling-by-music-man-stingray-short-scale-electric-bass/l72807 🥰
  4. Thanks Stub Mandrel and yorks5stringer for your advice and comments. I must admit that I was thinking whether to sell the 802 and get a higher wattage bit of kit, as on half to three quarter volume I get ‘fart-out’ from the speakers when VPF is set at max. I do like a real thumpy bass, so I’m probably expecting too much from the 802! I shall look up the CMD121P, as I do quite like the Markbass products.
  5. I have a Markbass 802 and would welcome some advice in adding an external speaker cabinet. The power is given as 150W @ 8ohms/250W @ 4ohms. The connection to an external speaker cabinet is for an 8ohms impedance. Can anyone recommend an external cabinet? Is it preferable to use a Markbass cabinet and, if so, which ones can be used? I’m not much of a technician when it comes to amp speak.
  6. I’ve just bought a sunburst Mustang Performer and I love it. It has both split coil P and jazz Yosemite pickups and grease bucket tone control. I’ve also put La Bella flatwounds (specially produced for through body strung Mustangs) and they are brilliant. As far as short scale basses go, this has a really good tone variation.
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