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  1. Selling gear is cleansing.
    Buying stuff gives me a bit of a kick, but I sometimes get to a point where I wonder why I got that particular thing. Just shifting an electro acoustic (no idea why I got that at all), a small guitar amp (same) and a random bass I don't use or need. Out with the old, less is more, quality up, volume down... and all that.
    Let's see how long this lasts then :) 

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    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Yes, I could have written that too. Every time I have a bit of a clearout though.... I tend to buy something else I don't really "need" ha ha :)

    3. lowregisterhead


      She's a cruel mistress. I've only just sold some stuff, and was about to spend everything I got for it on another random frippery, but someone else beat me to it. Just as well really.

    4. Soledad


      That's how it works - I've been doing well, an electro-acoustic, a combo and one bass all gone/going. And almost immediately I 'find' a head I fancy. Finding stuff you want is proportional to time spent looking, so serves me right.
      But as a fellow BCer said to me a bit ago, buy secondhand and move it one if/when - any modest loss is like a lease cost👍

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