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  1. Anyone own a passive El Toro? If you do, please help me out with some pictures of the wiring. And if you can draw a diagram I would be super happy. I have trawled the entire internet after this diagram and also contacted G&L support, but no luck. Please, I need help.
  2. Sorry for bumping this thread. But I also have an AccuGroove Tri-112L and could really need some pairing advice. Or do you want to sell me yours, GreeneKing? 😉 Cheers
  3. Nevermind me. I read the post now. It was a reissue..
  4. Bassalot was this a vintage Super Swede or a Reissue?
  5. Do you own a B2A? Can I buy it?
  6. Hi, thank you for your answer. I was thinking in those terms also. I think I will order new ones to file down. That shouldn't be so hard to do actually. I don't recall that the square blocks on this bass is black. But that's an easy one also. I guess thats the best solution. Next up will be to get rid of the high frets. Do you know any good place to get spares for the Hohner? Thanks for answering.
  7. Hello, I have some high action problems with a Hohner B2A. The saddles are set to the deck and I have still 1/8 on E at 17th fret. I usually go for 5/64 on that E. Any suggestions on how to reach a lower action? The truss rod is working fine. The measures above is when the relief is 12 thou at 7th fret pressing down 1st and 17th fret. It's the normal setup for me. It's a neck thru (and it has a little hump at the last frets. But that's another problem. Cheers
  8. Well I am not so sure about that. For starters this bass have no option to go passive, I would like that. Is it your opinion that a flat preamp does not, what so ever, colour the sound, in any way? Thx for the input.
  9. Hard to explain. It sounds a little to hard for my taste. That is probably not a good explanation 😖. One reason is that I cannot make it passive at all now, but that could probably be done with some switch. But I also love my Sadowsky sound on my UV70, so am a just curious on how the preamp can sound on this Yammie. I will of course save all original parts. And if it won't turn out good I can always put the sad preamp in another bass. Something like that.
  10. Hi everyone, I bought a cheap Yamaha a while ago. It's a BB614 with an active onboard preamp. I am not that fond of the 614 preamp so I was thinking of swapping the preamp to a Sadowsky with VTC (vol-blend-VTC-Bass/treble). What do you think about this idea? Will it sound any good? Is it passive pickups on the BB614, maybe the same as in the BB414, so that I can use the active/passive push/pull knob on the Sado preamp? All inputs are welcome.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Thanks Jack, I feel kind of stupid here. Didn't try any other settings before I so desperately went here for help. I was so damn sure that it was a "line" out, and a professional one also, hence +4dBu. But the Element 24 has a mic level option. So I went with that one, and on that setting I can adjust the input level. Thanks again for the help.
  13. As the topic describes. Has anyone with a BH550/800 encountered this issue? I am not sure if I am connecting correctly, but what can go wrong. I simply connect a xlr in the balanced out on the BH800, and a xlr in on my Apogee Element with +4dBu. When I have normal gain on the BH800 the input on the apogee is only a third on the meter. Am I missing something (since I am not usually connecting my amp like this), here? Or is there something wrong with my amp? Cheers
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