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  1. That's really good of you, thanks! I may have to take you up on that offer (if you're sure you can stand my horrible playing haha!)
  2. Thanks for the input everyone! Definitely some stuff to consider. I think I'm gonna try and save for a 3/4 DB or EUB and see how I get on, and learn some bluegrass stuff on my EB in the meantime
  3. Haha! I just forgot to update it. I’m near Gloucester very kind offer, thanks! If I was nearer I’d definitely take you up on it
  4. Hey folks I feel like getting into playing bluegrass, as I’ve always been a lover of it, just haven’t got around to trying it out really. Obviously an upright bass would be ideal but since I’m a short chap at 5’ 5” it might be a bit big. Would a 1/2 or 3/4 EUB fit the bill for that sort of music? I’d love to try an upright to be honest, it looks like a load of fun, and more authentic for bluegrass stuff. Alternatively is there anything like the kala u-bass but 30” scale out there? My two bass guitars are 30” (short scale basses for a short scale man,) plus I’m easily confused in my old age and don’t fancy switching between scales too much on similar feeling instruments. I guess could stick flats on one of my current bass guitars - would that get me close enough to the right tones? But then that’s not as fun as new stuff... 🤣 What do you lot think?
  5. Just curious - won't they let you return it?
  6. I very much don't have any amount of money, but regardless, this is AWESOME
  7. If you love how it feels, sounds, and looks, I would keep it. It's hard to find all three in one bass! Is there any reason you can't get close to a jazz bass sound from it? It might not be exact but it looks like it will come close enough for most band situations
  8. With all due respect, you'll likely get more interest by posting pics and individual prices on here
  9. Short Circuit - brilliant but terrible 80's film
  10. The third photo reminds me of Johnny Five!
  11. They sound great, they’re just heavy!
  12. Hey all, hoping someone can help me out here! I have a couple of short scales, (a Warwick and a Frankenbass) which are really great instruments apart from one thing - the E string on both always sounds dead. I use light gauge 40-95 - could the 95 be the problem? D’addario nickel rounds, which I’ve used on all my basses for 10+ years. I’m thinking of ordering a 100 to swap it out and see what happens, but won’t if it’s going to be ineffective. On a related note, if I do change the gauge, will the slightly extra tension on the E cause any neck issues? I’m a bit nervous of causing it to twist or something like that, but that might be daft since it’s not going from 95 to 115 or something like that! Plus, 40-100 is a common set in other brands, but might well have different tension. Thanks in advance! Ryan
  13. It’s got to be John Deacon for me. He served the song so well, managing to create bass lines that weren’t too complicated, but still really interesting and full of melody.
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