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  1. Can’t really see the condition to be able to give more info to be honest. Got any better pics?
  2. Haha definitely sounds like it's worth it then I opened up the control panel last night, and as soon as I moved it away from the bass, I magically got sound! I think it was the above mentioned issue where it was touching the shielding. I've moved some stuff around and carefully put it back, and it seems to be ok so far. I'll keep an eye on it though (ear?) and will get a switchcraft jack if I get any more issues. Thanks for your help everyone!
  3. @KiOgon where would I make sure I get a genuine one?
  4. Oh. Okay! I'll look into those. Thanks for the info!
  5. Alright thanks guys! I'll take a look at it this weekend. I do have a spare brand new Harley Benton socket (is that a reputable brand for this stuff?) and I'm sure I could borrow a soldering iron from a mate for a day. I'll watch some youtube tutorials I will try the suggestions first of moving things around in there and seeing what happens too. I might be able to avoid replacing it, but it doesn't sound likely (pun intended) Thanks very much all
  6. Ah sorry, I wasn't sure how much information I should provide It's a jazz type bass, passive, and it's one of those types with the wonky bit of metal inside (I'm sure you know what I mean!). I'm guessing that's the open type. Mounted on a control plate
  7. Hey all I'm having an issue with the output jack on one of my basses. If I plug the cable in fully, no sound at all. But if I just rest the cable in the socket without pushing it in, it works fine (but it's obviously super loose, so if I move much, no sound!) I've tested with different cables to make sure. Does it sound like something I can resolve without replacing the jack? If so, what sort of things should I try? I've tried pressured air into the hole, and also wiped the contacts on my shirt in case of dust, but no effect. I do have a new jack, but am [email protected] at soldering, so if I can avoid it, great Cheers Ryan
  8. Hi everyone, thank you for all your replies, much appreciated, it's good to see everyone's point of view. And apologies for the delay in responding, I've been totally swamped for a few days and haven't been able to get online much. I think I will try the suggestion of changing the strings - I use D'Addario nickels on all my basses (the ones with rounds anyway), and they are perfect on those, but maybe they don't work for this one. I'm going to try some steel wounds I think, I've never used those. I did try flats on this bass but meh... didn't do it for me so I put them back on the P bass. Any suggestions for some light-ish gauge short scale steel wounds?
  9. More that because it was made to my spec, I feel like I should love it and keep it. My friend said when I got it "you must keep it forever, never sell it as it's YOURS"
  10. I haven't played a gig in six years at least, don't miss it at all.
  11. Hey all Firstly - this isn't a sale post! If and when I do decide to sell, I'll pay the fee and list it properly 😃 Basically, long story short, I've got this bass that I've had for a long time, it was custom built to my spec, and it's a really great bass to be honest, it does everything it needs to do. Only one problem - I don't love it. I don't feel like I've ever really connected with it, even though it's a really good instrument. It barely gets played 😪 I keep thinking about selling it (I could use the money, it's not like direly in need or anything like that, but I could use it elsewhere) but I get as far as taking photos and then change my mind. How can I get over this and sell it to someone who will use it?
  12. I bought Gerry’s Squier Mustang. Easy transaction, great comms, excellent packaging, arrived exactly when he said it would, and I love the bass. A credit to the forum thanks Gerry! Ryan
  13. I used to have one of these, fantastic bass, especially for the money! GLWTS
  14. I imagine it would be the same. My Samsung Galaxy buds just sound so good, it would have been really great to play along using them! Thanks for checking it out though, appreciated!
  15. ah well was worth a thought thanks chaps
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