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  1. Also PM'd, I'll take it if Hooky hasn't
  2. Oh man that just makes the GAS worse haha
  3. I’m liking that the Warwick SS and the SS Stingray line up almost exactly the same in each pic. I have the wick, and was thinking about adding the ray...
  4. Thank you for replying, I think it might be a bit heavy for what I want it for though
  5. Nice that the wick is included, don’t hear much about them
  6. Just everything about it really, visually more appealing, more user friendly, seems to work better. Everything laid out in one place rather than doing the stuff in different areas. I preferred it so much that I’ve uninstalled the Zoom GuitarLab software
  7. Ok I've downloaded the ToneLib Zoom, seems quite a lot better than Zoom's own software so thanks for that Have got Stew's patch no problems, but Al Krow, your patch is only showing a ZNR, which I assume isn't right?
  8. haha yep. I assume it's the ToneLib Zoom?
  9. Certainly can, however I’ve had a few beers so probably better to try it tomorrow 🤣
  10. I use the relatively low end Audio Technica ATH-M30X, which were about £50 new, maybe 5-6 years ago. They sound decent enough to me, and are comfortable without specs on (which I only wear for work).
  11. Thanks for this, that’s awesome. I’ll get that programmed into mine tomorrow
  12. I also tried Stewblack’s, it also didn’t work. I wonder why? Maybe the memory on mine is full. I’m using the B1-Four.
  13. @Al Krow I’ve tried adding those patches to zoom guitar lab but it’s not having any of it tried adding them in to the patch pool but they won’t appear. if you’re willing to add screenshots that would be awesome, but I totally understand if it’s a pain in the butt 🤣
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