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  1. The more I watch the two demos, the most confused I am...I'm trying to get close to the sound of the bass in this song. You can hear it clear at 4:00 and clearer at 14:00. Which one of the two would help me to get closer to this sound? I see similarities in both pedals...
  2. In fact, this thing you comment they do (that I didn't know, by the way) is very useful to me, because my clean tone is sansamp BDDI with SVT settings, with a little amount of overdrive. So, maybe what I hear in the videos gets closer to what I will get...But thanks for the advice, you're right. The problem is that for the moment, there are no more videos of this pedal on bass.
  3. Hi! I'm thinking about buying an Earthquaker Devices Westwood, it sounds awesome in the videos I have watched online. But I'm triying to decide between this and the Darkglass Alpha Omicron, which I see you have o your pedalboard too... In some settings, the Westwood reminds me of a Darkglass VMT, so can the Alpha Omicron make some of the Westwood sounds? Or are they very different pedals? Which one is better for a low mid "always on" OD? Thanks!!
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