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  1. Hi collective BassChat mind... I am having to reconsider my insurance options for my musical equipment... I am in the UK and have a few items at home that I gig regularly (Covid permitting), these are covered on my home insurance and have on occasion had to be listed specifically for certain underwriters when over £1000, £2000 etc. These are covered at home or anywhere in the UK (or Europe if extended) for accidental damage and theft. Happy Days. I have some items that don't go to gigs and are usually at home, these are treated the same as above. Happy Days. I have some items stored in my late mother's house that get brought down occasionally to mine or for unequipped gigs - these were on the insurance at that address and insured in the same way, but now probate has been granted the insurance there has to change and go to a unoccupied house insurance with specific contents insurance. This has an individual item limit of 1000 and does not cover outside of home for use. In the future this will be a rented property with a storage element so I and contemplating a total overhaul of insurance. Not so happy days. To give some context the items are a full PA with monitoring system, 2x mixing desks, lighting rigs, multiple DAW units and preamps, cables. Full drum kit. Keyboard. A number of bass and guitar amps (approx 10), cabs (approx 10), guitars (approx 15) and basses (approx 15) the instruments vary in value from £100 - £2500. I fear Hiscox specialialty insurance may end up being prohibatably expensive. What do others do in a similar situation? Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions - my wife's suggestion of getting rid of it all is less than helpful!
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  3. Such a great BassChat member - bought a Ashdown Bearded Lady from him after finding it on a post from months ago! He's got a lot on at the moment but replied quickly and after paying via PayPal Friends and Family on the Sunday the item was here Tuesday morning. Pedal was as described and well packed - Pedal is fierce, very pleased with it and the trqansaction. DylanB is thoroughly recommended by me!
  4. Hi DylanB - Is the bearded lady pedal still available?
  5. After hearing a sweet 'verb effect during Pete Stroud's (aka @mybass) presentation at the SE Bass Bash last weekend (again thanks to all involved for such a great day) I took a peek at his board and saw a Dr Green's Bass Verb pedal. Once I got home, unloaded, did my fair share of the nappies and finally sat down I had a shufty round the internet and spotted one for sale on Gear For Music for £44 - and got to keep my gold status as a result of the order (I had no idea what this was about but when you get an email saying make an order of lose your preferential prices you do take action!) - I'm fully aware it is not going to make me sound one iota like Pete, but at least I would LOOK like I might to any gear nuts! I got to have a play with it last night at my band's 'acoustic' set practice and was pleasantly surprised - I'm not really a pedal user (have a load but never got into the whole dancing round turning them on and off) but think this one might have some real scope! As a result of the lack of a gigging board I was especially pleased it used PSU or battery! It is really simple but has usable sounds through the whole sweep of the controls and is solidly built. I can't recommend this strongly enough - I can't say it makes me sound like Pete but that wasn't really the aim - I'm just pleased it wasn't a folly and it adds a great new dimension, its not going to be destroyed by a cloven-footed harp player and I'm supporting a British brand - even if the unig is made in China. It is a simple, solid metal casing housing the true bypass internal gubbins, a footswitch, two simple controls - Mix, (the amount of reverb vs. the amount of dry signal) and Depth, (amount of effect) and an obligatory LED operation indicator, but it can take you from a 'tight short plate' to a 'huge cathedral-type wash' - don't get me wrong we are not talking about the quality of a Eventide pedal but neither is the price! I'm going to add a footnote to this next week after a full electric band practice as I'm not 100% sure about any volume drop off on engagement, especially at the extremes of the sweeps but at the moment I'm happy with the results for such a relatively small outlay! A comprehensive, not salesy Ashdown demo can be seen here: If you want to score a bit of brilliant, British Bass 'Verbiness then check out https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Dr-Green-Bass-Verb-Reverb-Pedal/PFI while the sale price lasts, and you can still get them as Ashdown have realeased a new line of Bass effects!
  6. Hi everyone - that was only my second meet (ever, not the year - well done @Frank Blank for the grand slam!) and it was again fab - I love meeting up and chatting with like-minded people. Well done to everyone who helped set up and organise such a great day @silverfoxnik @Hamster - yes attendance might have been a bit lower but the quality of the event and friendliness of all those in attendance means a lot more than just numbers! A huge thank you for the double header talk from Pete, both building basses and building a career - so insightful! I am left with a question - is it acceptable to covet thy neighbours bass - especially a purple shift Dingwall D-bird! @G-77 I'm already looking forward to next year (and it might be a bit less of a wait, fingers crossed!). I loved @cetera's idea of a brief bio on the basses on show - might steal that idea for next time! I think the bash is such a wonderful idea, not just for the camaradiery and conversation but also the chance to hear such an eclectic mix of gear without sales pressure or a trek across the country. I already find the year on year progression of GAS and techcreep fascinating! I had to steer clear of @Jabba The Hutt or else I would have had to do some serious arm twisting for the chance to own one of his amazing creations! I don't know what the answer is to the generational thing - unfortunately I am now in the 40+ bracket so can't comment - I think perhaps the forum does appeal to an older generation, maybe younger blood is happy cyberchatting to strangers? I know the facebook page is quieter than the forum in the months and weeks leading up to the bash, maybe a little paid advertising (less than £10 would promote an event to all the friends of friends automatically) might work - but on the other hand I think its more likely and attitude shift with a certain number of miles on the clock that brings us together... and so rewarding to see others benefit from your own experiements @GraemeRoss and it means you were onto something and not succumbing to marketing BS! I wonder if we could set up a 'quiet room' in future for some 'Chappers and the Captain' style gear reviews for widening the awareness of the forum and bash - could be a bit of fun if any of you like the idea of a new career on youtube! Any suggestions for potential future stars? I think after the 2019 Bass Show experiment there may be other low-end connousouirs looking for a more relevant day out! Must go now my 6 month old is stirring from an afternoon nap wanting to make up for a lack of Daddy time yesterday - looks like a family day out to Hampton Court Palace next Sunday might be needed to make up for it - what else is on nearby that day? wink wink!
  7. Hi attendees - does anyone have a Barefaced Dubster 2 cab? I have heard rumour there were only 4 made and am desperate to try one with a BB2 to hear what the combination is like. If any attendee has one I be hugely appreciative if they would be able to bring it to hear the combination and either fuel or put that bit of GAS to bed. Many thanks in advance!
  8. @Silverfoxnik - happy to help set up, provided I get away from home on time (harder to promise anything with a 6 month old!)
  9. Feedback thread for RodFunnell (usually buying!)
  10. Simonsbass (Ben) - great fella, just got a sweet bass from him today - very friendly, had a good gear chat and walked away with a new toy! He was a bit naughty and showed me his new aquisition - when you get tired of that one let me know! Big thumbs up and recommend to anyone else! Thanks Ben!
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  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. I think it was planned for at least the last bash but is there any scope/interest in having full band environment to hear different basses or rigs in a real life scenario? One of my biggest challenges in finding a rig is what works on its own doesn’t always translate to a band environment. I also appreciate its very much subjective and dependant on much more than equipment but a real-life test environment might be a bit of fun and helpful for others? What do you think?
  14. Paul was great to do business with - you can have a huge amount of confidence if you are ever thinking of any purchase or trade and a thoroughly nice bloke too! I really love this community full of great like-minded people, I wish I could spend more time on here and am already looking forward to the next bash - also trying hard not to look at Cetera's Dingwall up for sale at the moment!
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