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  1. Louisss8sss

    ***SOLD***MXR M87 bass compressor

    What kind of use has this pedal had?
  2. Louisss8sss

    Trace Elliot commando 15 help.

    I have had this amp for some time as it was passed on from a friend and have grown to love it but haven’t quite worked out what the little red knob on the back does. Does anyone know my guess is that it is a limiter of some sort?
  3. Louisss8sss


    Thank you.
  4. Louisss8sss

    JHS Moonshine

    Anybody got one? Would you recommend?
  5. Louisss8sss


    So it will be safe to use on my bass.
  6. Louisss8sss


    This is what I got. The body is dirty.
  7. Louisss8sss


    Polish up the existing body to make it shine.
  8. Louisss8sss


    Was just worried that it would damage the body.
  9. Louisss8sss


    what would the effect be is I were to use an nitrocellulose polish on a Polyurethane Finish guitar ? What is the best polish you can buy?
  10. Louisss8sss

    Cheap Bass Needed

    Thats why
  11. Louisss8sss

    Cheap Bass Needed

    We will be standing on a floating raft in the middle of a river.
  12. Louisss8sss

    Cheap Bass Needed

    Soo in the next month or so me and my band are going to do a little photo shoot and will need a cheap-cheap (under £50) bass as it will get wet, if it could look like a jazz bass and be white would be the best but anything will do, it docent even need to work. Any recommendation ???
  13. Louisss8sss

    Cairo East (Madness tribute) - Fri 13th Oct

    Hope it goes well.
  14. Louisss8sss

    Who did you see live last?

    ROYAL BLOOD it was a last minute gig at the Concorde 2. well worth the 3 hour wait in the morning.
  15. Louisss8sss

    Orange Crush Bass 100

    I am looking for a decent amp that I can go and gig with. I have been looking around and have found what i think is the best to what i need/want https://www.gak.co.uk/en/Orange-Crush-Bass-100-Orange/77928. What would you say?