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  1. Thanks for replying one name that keeps popping up is the Roland cube so will look into that 😁
  2. Bass amp to use for home practice to accompany a ibenez 180 bass please . As for budget say max of £150 yes I'm cheap . Thankyou .
  3. Definitely a long long shot then
  4. Hi purple well you may have health problems if your like me who can hibernate for England and some major health problems then I say to you keep playing is there not any jam sessions you can attend so your not tied to gigs .
  5. My first band that I really followed love them my favorite track has to be beds too big without you...
  6. Ok its a longshot does anyone know if there's a bass tab book that covers warrior rock by toyah...... Yes its old one of my favorite albums and would love to find a copy if it exists.
  7. [quote name='baldwinbass' timestamp='1491683794' post='3274827'] Hello tma1971, welcome to Basschat [/quote] Thankyou baldwin ... Yes im from UK I remembered that bit
  8. Another newbie here just saying hello and looking too pick you brains all about bass guitar 🎸 not the big mouth bass fish 🐟.
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