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  1. 21 minutes ago, Ander87 said:

    @goonerjoe, being that you ordered this bass made to yourself, have you not considered changing the electronics or pickup?


    I've always found Sandbergs a bit dull and tasteless and I'm pretty convinced it's the electronics, especially when the build quality is good and the resonance is there....


    A top end P pickup and passive electronics from KiOgon or similar could have you all sorted with a new bass for like £150ish!

    I have to agree with this. I had an old VM which was a great build, but the tone, whilst perfectly acceptable, wasn’t exciting and a bit bland (I now wonder why I bought it, oh yes, GAS). I’m just looking at getting a nice playing Squier and doing what @Ander87 suggests. Current leader in the pickup stakes for me is the DiMarzio Model P followed by the Duncan Quarter Pounder and Nordy NP4A. 

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  2. Your idea of going to some open mic nights and singing with a guitar or mandolin is sound, as this will build up your confidence. However, as @ubit mentions above, singing and playing bass at the same time is often a very different ball game, due to syncopation. I used to sing lead vocals on China Girl and the second half of that was a nightmare, but repeated practising at home finally nailed it (sorry, it’s the same old ‘keep doing it’ advice, but it’s true). Another potential pitfall is not committing to the performance. I found that if I was tentative at all with my vocal delivery, my pitch would suffer, but this is just a confidence thing that improves with more and more performances, both at home and live. 

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  3. 55 minutes ago, xgsjx said:

    I don't mind changing key on bass, but I find songs sound totally different when they move them a 5th & usually not for the better.
    I might not bother playing synth bass in church.  As much as I like playing, I just keep losing the will to be bothered.

    Your right about a change of key altering the ‘flavour’ of some tunes. Also, I don’t mind changing by a semitone but any big intervals might be fine for a solo, vocal performance, but if it’s a piece for an entire congregation, some folk are likely to really struggle with such a big difference.

  4. 18 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:


    I was being cynical.


    Let's be 100% honest, different pieces of wood do sound slightly different, but no-one can tell which have the 'richest tonal qualities' until they are made into a finished instrument.


    Wood is chosen chiefly on its appearance. I doubt any burled walnut or zebrano body has been rejected for mediocre tonal qualities...

    Your comment is supported by a video I watched featuring Carey Nordstrand talking about P basses. In the video he referred to making basses with wood as a “crâp shoot” as they never really know what they’re going to get with any certainty. 

  5. I think much will depend on what you find under the finish. If it’s reasonably attractive, I’d go lighter, like Mick Ronson’s LP, but if it’s a bit of a dog’s dinner, darker would certainly be the way forward, perhaps echoing the LP junior, mahogany vibe (think Bob Marley’s LP junior). 

  6. 48 minutes ago, Stub Mandrel said:

    I ended up taking the DIY option. The lining was a dog blanket 🙂



    Red setter? No? It’s alright, I get my own coat.


    55 minutes ago, scrumpymike said:

     As for the wonderful JMJ Mustang, I'd have one by now if it had the number of frets and wide-ranging sounds I need.

    One more fret would be ideal for me.

  7. Maybe try playing another way with your right hand? I used to play this in my old band and loved it. Sometimes, I’d play it normal fingerstyle, sometimes with a pick and other times with my thumb and index finger. I found it a very different feel with all 3 approaches. I know what you mean about over thinking the part though, if I thought about it too much I’d confuse this section with the next, somewhat easier, octave section (not good). Other than the r/h different approach, just lots of repetition is the only advice I can offer; sorry.

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