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  1. Genzler Magellan 800 and Barefaced Big Baby 2. Great sounds!
  2. Ah ok, that sounds like an interesting alternative, although I’m think probably going to stick to getting a bass specific cab. Thanks though!
  3. Thanks, that’s really useful! I swap quite a lot between upright and electric bass, playing mostly jazz, rock and pop. Varies from trio to function band mainly, so I don’t need anything huge for trio’s, but need something that can keep up in a 10 piece function band. The three cabs seem to meet my needs on paper, but great to hear how people are finding them in the real world!
  4. Hi all, I'm in the market for a new cab but lockdown means unfortunately i can't go and try any out at the moment. I like the idea of buying British (especially as now it looks like the economy is taking a big hit!), and have been drawn to the Barefaced line, especially the Big Baby 2, along with the DB Embee 12 which looks like an interesting concept. I know there's a lot about BF cabs on here already, but does anyone have experience of both of these cabs, the positives and negatives? Also, I know they're not British, but the Vanderkley 112 MNT also looks pretty cool so any opinions on that would be welcome!
  5. For sale is my beautiful 5 string Sandberg California TM5 in Lake placid blue. Selling due to picking up a Status S2 and no longer giving the Sandberg the time it deserves. It is in immaculate condition bar 1 small dink that I’ve tried to show in the photos. Alder body Canadian hard rock maple neck Rosewood fingerboard 34” Delano J style neck pickup and MM style humbucker bridge pickup. Switch to split the humbucker to a J pickup. 2 band Sandberg preamp with active/passive push pull. Original documentation and padded gig bag included. Based in Hampshire
  6. Very nice! Possible trade for Sandberg California TM5?
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