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  1. For sale pick up , electronics preamp and pot of mtd usa 535, perfect condition
  2. Yes Still avaible and shipping to uk possible
  3. Thanks for the post!!! I'm sorry to see it but for double bass I use different amp (always and only mark bass).
  4. For sale mark bass TA501, perfect condition
  5. hello, I'm away for work, tomorrow I'll check and let you know
  6. for sale 2 basses in perfect condition , sire m7 2gen and sire v7 2 gen
  7. For sale sire M7 2gen used in perfect condition
  8. For sale sire V7 2gen, in perfect condition, like new
  9. 19 mm string spacing, 4kg, action very low, tonight I check the country of manufacture
  10. For sale lakland dj5 , natural, perfect condition
  11. For sale mtd zx5 fretless, 35scale, Bartolini Active 3-Way eq, Volume with push/pull preamp bypass, Blend, Treble, mid with push/pull mid shift: 250Hz - 800Hz, bass, custom Bartolini pickups
  12. For sale Fender precision hot rod made in Usa, pj configuration , original, very good condition
  13. For sale mtd AG6, N° 28, serial number 2884091916. you will find all the information on the certificate of the instrument. Instrument stunning tool for playability, versatility and comfort. Locate Italy
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