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  1. Duski now on Spotify

    [quote name='fiatcoupe432' timestamp='1509477073' post='3399306'] great stuff mate [/quote] Hi dude, Many thanks and glad you enjoyed Aid
  2. BASSheARTMANtra Album

    I can say that this album has been one of the most inspiring bass albums for me this year. Buy it without delay!
  3. Duski now on Spotify

    Hey Bass community If you are Spotify people give my album a spin and maybe even a follow if you like it! I play a few different electric basses and double bass on the album. It is here - [url="https://open.spotify.com/artist/7e5OJhifmZddLvpcFvc6C3"]https://open.spotify...fmZddLvpcFvc6C3[/url] Aidan
  4. Hi from Cardiff

    [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1504600356' post='3365898'] I'll try to get to see the Explosive Light Orchestra if I can BTW, I may well have met your "Jeff Lynn" last year... Someone from an ELO tribute played some solo stuff at an open mic at the Red House in Merthyr He was handing out flyers to promote an ELO gig - was that him, I wonder? Sorry to hear you're leaving Cardiff Ashweb - always sad to see a bass player leave South Wales Especially after I just heard another friendly face from here is soon to depart And yes, you should definitely grow old disgracefully - I'm all for that Hope to meet up at some point aidenthorne - looks like I'm busy on Saturday - but keep me posted re further ELO gigs please [/quote] Sure thing will keep you posted. We tend to do a gig at the red house at Christmas time each year and I think this year is no different although I am having to dep our December gigs due to other tours etc.
  5. Is TAB really that evil?

    I find TAB far harder to read than standard notation. I guess this is because I trained classically so never had TAB.
  6. Hi from Cardiff

    [quote name='Ashweb' timestamp='1504119887' post='3362857'] Hi Aiden, from a part time Cardiffian; I'm working here ATM and clear off back to the Midlands at the weekend. I'm more the ageing rocker trying to grow old disgracefully and definitely not able to hold my own with the above company just yet - I'm firmly in the improver / intermediate category and try to spend evenings practising or having a lesson with Jon Caulfield, who you may or may not know - he gets around a bit! Very interesting to hear about your diverse range of projects - what's the ELO tribute band called, BTW? [/quote] Heya explosive light orchestra is the name. we are at the globe own Saturday if you like!
  7. Duski Love

    My band Duski seems to have been getting some love online today so am sharing our website everywhere. Go take a listen [url="http://duskimusic.co.uk"]www.duskimusic.co.uk[/url] and if you like why not listen to the whole album or even purchase the limited edition CD and support a post rock band trying to be noticed in a huge music world. All the best and let me know what you think. I play Fender P bass, Warwick Thumb and Double bass on the recording. I also wrote all the music. Aid [url="http://duskimusic.co.uk"]www.duskimusic.co.uk [/url]
  8. Hi from Cardiff

    [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1503570196' post='3359230'] Hi there Aidan, Very nice of LewisK to say I'm a nice chap He obviously doesn't know me that well! lol Welcome to BC, from another Cardiffian [/quote] I know so few Cardiff bassist for some reason, been here almost 10 years! what a dummy!
  9. Hi from Cardiff

    [quote name='LewisK1975' timestamp='1503500719' post='3358760'] My main gigging covers band is The Coversluts. We used to do The Claude quite regularly but not done it so far this year. Cardiff-wise, I know Rich Boucher who was in FFAF until they retired, and Dan Goode who's in 2tickets2thegunshow. Marc S on here is also a great chap.. Cheers Lewis [/quote] Yeah I know Rich- lovely guy and player. He's got quite a collection of Warwick's too!
  10. SOLD PLEASE DELETE Warwick thumb NT5 2003 PRICE DROP £1200

    [quote name='James_Taylor' timestamp='1503751204' post='3360706'] I have a 1984' USA/ Japanese P bass with Lindy Fralin P pickups if you're interested to trade? It's been valued at £1200 because the California Fender plant shut down then and manufacture was moved to the cheaper-to-run Japanese plant that year, but upon inspection of removing the neck, both parts are indeed USA manufactured, with one part being a 57' and the other a 62' (I'd need to check as I can't remember which is modelled on which). I'd much rather have a Warwick Thumb for the kind of music I'm playing these days than a P bass. More my kind of vibe. Let me know what you think, I can provide pics if you're interested. [/quote] Id love some Pics. I have an 84 MIJ P and I love it so looking for USA but yeah send me some pics mate!
  11. Hi from Cardiff

    [quote name='LewisK1975' timestamp='1503390302' post='3357725'] Welcome Aidan, I'm from Bridgend, and there's more than a few other South Walians on here too. Enjoy the forum, the only word of warning is that it's a terrible place for giving you G.A.S.! [/quote] We probably have mutual friends, who do you play with mate?
  12. SOLD PLEASE DELETE Warwick thumb NT5 2003 PRICE DROP £1200

    Hardcase includded bump
  13. Hi from Cardiff

    Hey there. Have put up a bass for sale (Warwick Thumb) so figured Id say hey on the forum. Names Aidan. I play double and electric bass. Run my own band called duski (www.duskimusic.co.uk) as well as other touring bands including a jazz Indian fusion group called Khamira and A Neo soul band called Slowly Rolling Camera. I also play in an ELO tribute band. What happens next?