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  1. Sorry for the delay but thanks for the comments will look at the di box option and the balancing transformer solutions. Thanks again, really appreciated!
  2. Hi I have a Trace 7215SMC and love the overweight beast. Played a gig last night where the sound man was connecting the amp to the desk via the DI connection. The sound check found that the output was low. Sound Man said that it wasn’t unusual for Traces. He connected a box that required phantom power. My question is can this be fixed? Also, has anyone any idea what the box he connected was, or might have been? I forgot to ask him! If anyone has experience of this, I’d love to hear how you got round it and what you did! Thanks!
  3. [quote name='gjones' timestamp='1486814702' post='3234720'] Have a look at the wiring, there may be a loose connection somewhere. [/quote] Cheers. Had a rummage and doesn't look like there's any loose wiring. Found some gunky stuff around the pu poles, have cleaned that off. Now giving it a test before the Mrs gets in!
  4. Hi Really not sure if I'm barking up the wrong tree with this. I have a 2008 70s Jazz. Have had it about 6 months or so. I've noticed at our last few practices that volume will drop after say 30 mins so I then crank up the amp volume. Later on, all of a sudden, the volume returned! At our last practice though, the volume had to be cranked up from the start, then when I was pissing about I slapped about a bit (ahem), and the volume returned! I think it was because the string hit the pick up. Could it be that I have a 'sticky' pick up? Is this possible? If so is there a simpleton's cure or do I need to see our local expert? I had suspected my amp (TE 7215SMC GP7), but had no probs with my other bass (Epi Thunderbird). Any ideas gratefully received. Don't want to start poking about with critical bits so if it's an expert's job..... Cheers Dave
  5. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1470036789' post='3102748'] cool! We're Headsticks. I'm on drums but we have a fantastic bass player Nick Bayes [/quote] Hey Chaddatom, you're band's just been mentioned on 6Music (Steve Lamacq)! Complimentary message by a listener. Nice one :-)
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