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  1. SOLD: Ashdown ABM600 EVO IV

    Where about dare you?
  2. Straight amp shootout

    MB200? Rumble 200?
  3. Straight amp shootout

  4. Straight amp shootout

    Hello. This maybe an old topic, but, for rehearsal purposes if I wanted a little amp to plug into my 210 cab, straight in and no messing what would be good? Plug and play style. It’d be good if it had a di on it just in cases........ I use a bass and a tuner, no effects, I just require a half decent sound. Thanks
  5. SWR amp head

    Anybody got a 300 watter or owt?
  6. SWR

    [quote name='funkgod' timestamp='1508172162' post='3390246'] Another ? why did you let it go ? once you av gone Red, everything else sounds dead, i just made that up ya know, yea , i was just sitting here and it came to me like a fla....al get me coat.. [/quote] No! Another!! So I have two!!! 😃👍🏻
  7. SWR

    [quote name='funkgod' timestamp='1508092205' post='3389704'] Great gear, old but gold. i have at mo..... 2 swr super redhead 2x10 combos 1 swr 2x10 ext cab (900w) 1 swr 1x15 son of bertha cab 1 swr 500w sm500 amp 1 swr 6x10 golly Been using the same super red head for 20 years, love it had 3 red heads, 1 in the studio, one in the practice room, and one for gigging. but just sold one of them. If you like recording the redhead has one of the best bass studio preamps out there, worth having just for that. All in all i cant fault it, clean clear crisp sharp and powerfull. have no intensions of changing any of it in the future. [/quote] If I could get my hands on another Super Redhead I would!
  8. SWR

    [quote name='Gunsfreddy2003' timestamp='1508086746' post='3389656'] Is that the 2x10 combo or just the head? [/quote] It’s the combo. But I also have the Goliath iii jr cab as well. It’s a little bit serious when it’s all hooked up 😃🤘🏻🤘🏻
  9. SWR

    I have a Super Redhead. It is awesome.
  10. Fender Rumble 500 v3 combo - experience?

    Oh, and the sound engineer loves the pre amp DI shenanigans.
  11. Fender Rumble 500 v3 combo - experience?

    Hello, so , I have the Rumble V3 200 watt 1 x 15 combo, and I love it. I found it a nicer sound than the 2 x 10. Not that that one isn’t great, it really is! I just found the 15” coped with the lower notes much better, the tens kinda choked a bit. And please don’t think that at 200 Watts it is underpowered. It is monstrous. I love it. It’s not my SWR Super Redhead, but it’ll do for the pub rock gigs 👍🏻
  12. **SOLD** £400 Fender Rumble V3 500 COMBO

    These are fab. I've got the 200 watt 15" speaker one. Love it.
  13. So, this is happening......

    It should be a cracking evening
  14. So, this is happening......

    For any northerners, this may be of interest to you .......
  15. I'd love this but it's far too expensive for me 😥