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  1. Lovely carbon fibre bass bow from Arcus. Used at conservatoire and professional level. Recently rehired and hardly used since. Some wear to the leather between lapping and frog, but otherwise in excellent condition. Hair length 59cm Weight 119g Available to try in South London [attachment=241772:unnamed-3.jpg] [attachment=241771:unnamed-2.jpg] [attachment=241773:unnamed.jpg]
  2. Hi from Cardiff

    [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1476199345' post='3152224'] Hi from a fellow Cardiff based player. I also play DB (well, not as much as bass guitar these days) Who was the guy you had lessons from? Welcome to BC, and don't forget to keep an eye out for the next local bass bash (hosted by Gelfin, who also resides in Cardiff) Do you play the DB through the Markbass, and which model is it? [/quote] Hi! It's a Minimark, nice little amp - and nicely portable too! I do play DB through it when the occasion calls for it. Chap I had lessons from was Ashley Long, I think he's on here somewhere from time to time. Incredible musician!
  3. Hi from Cardiff

    Hi all, Double bassist from Cardiff here - am half way through a postgrad in classical bass at the Royal Welsh College, but started out playing bass guitar as a teenager, moving down here to study pop music at Glamorgan uni, and got inspired to take up the double bass halfway through my undergrad after seeing an amazing double bass player at Cafe Jazz in town. Plucked up the courage to ask him for lessons, and completely fell in love with the instrument. Started playing with a bow mostly as a jazz player to improve my intonation, and fell in love with the instrument all over again! I mainly play in orchestras and pit bands now, but have done quite a bit of pop/indie stuff, as well as a fair bit of folk! Gear-wise i've got Bryant Panormo copy with a C-extension, bow by A. Reiss (amazing Brazilian bowmaker who lives in Cheltenham). Fender jazz and a markbass amp. I used to be a lot more into gear (had a load of pedals), but entering the murky world of classical music has meant I've only been able to afford to keep stuff i REALLY use!