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  1. Archer ‘Professional’ 3/4. Bought recently as a spare bass but the opportunity came up to buy an amazing bow so something had to give unfortunately! Very good condition, a few small marks and one scuff on the front which has been filled in by the previous owner. Includes a GEWA lightweight soft case which has never left my flat and still has the tags on! These are now retailing for upwards of £1600, so grab yourself a bargain! From the Gear4Music website: Features/Specifications Double Bass Body: Hand carved, Atelier built Top: Hand carved select Canadian spruce Back: Flamed select two-piece Canadian maple with matching ribs and scroll Finish: Hand applied oil in orange-brown with slight antiquing Bridge: Adjustable, Maple, 3 piece construction Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Ebony Tuning Plate: Brass engraved with nickel winders Spike: Adjustable Based in Cambridge but regularly travel to London, so a meet-up could be arranged within reason!
  2. I don’t really see the point in starting on EUB, especially as you’ve mentioned you’re into jazz and folk (the latter especially relies on the sound of an acoustic bass). I guess they’re a bit physically easier, but the older gumtree bass you’ve linked to looks a great bet. As someone else mentioned, it’ll probably well set-up and ready to go. If double bass is the instrument you want to play then I’d suggest getting one rather than something that’s not quite the same.
  3. Apparently a well-fitted sound post ‘should’ stay in place. But maybe getting wiggled around on a plane it might collapse, so I’ll have to get proficient at re-setting it which isn’t a bad skill for a bassist to have!
  4. The circle on the neck heel is a cap with a magnet which sticks to the bolt which goes through into the neck block. There’s a tiny divet cut out so you can get the cap off, the magnet also helps so you can stick it to something while you’re doing the whole process so you don’t lose it! I’m away a bit over the next few days but will take some slightly better photos!
  5. Just in case anyone was following this… I got the excellent Charles Collis to do the work - he’s done a brilliant job. Super easy to use and really secure. He also made me a new extension and set the bass up and it’s sounding great. Can’t recommend him highly enough!
  6. Any idea what this is and approximate value? (Assuming the cracks on the front are solidly repaired and stable etc)
  7. I’m looking at having a removable neck mechanism fitted to my double bass for travel reasons, just wondering if anyone has had this done in the UK and how it went!
  8. A complete low-c extension set of Innovation braided orchestral strings. The G and D were on my bass for a few hours, and the C/E and A have only been out of the packets to take the photo. Cost me just under £150 for the set. Lovely strings, just wrong for me. Happy to post internationally, or in the UK at cost.
  9. Made in 2018 by Paul Bryant with some additional set-up work by Mike Morgan, this bass is an excellent instrument for a gigging musician who needs a slightly smaller-bodied bass. The back is of English poplar, the sides and neck are of lightly figured sycamore, The front is a lovely piece of Sitka spruce cut some 30 plus years ago. Length of back 43ins, string stop 40.5 the instrument is covered in a golden brown oil varnish, the bass is fitted with Spirocore strings. In very good condition aside from a few minor blemishes. Gutted to let this go, but I'm an orchestral player with a great big main orchestral bass, and don't use this one enough to justify it sitting around and need the cash (hence the low price!)
  10. Lovely carbon fibre bass bow from Arcus. Used at conservatoire and professional level. Recently rehired and hardly used since. Some wear to the leather between lapping and frog, but otherwise in excellent condition. Hair length 59cm Weight 119g Available to try in South London [attachment=241772:unnamed-3.jpg] [attachment=241771:unnamed-2.jpg] [attachment=241773:unnamed.jpg]
  11. [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1476199345' post='3152224'] Hi from a fellow Cardiff based player. I also play DB (well, not as much as bass guitar these days) Who was the guy you had lessons from? Welcome to BC, and don't forget to keep an eye out for the next local bass bash (hosted by Gelfin, who also resides in Cardiff) Do you play the DB through the Markbass, and which model is it? [/quote] Hi! It's a Minimark, nice little amp - and nicely portable too! I do play DB through it when the occasion calls for it. Chap I had lessons from was Ashley Long, I think he's on here somewhere from time to time. Incredible musician!
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