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  1. (Precision through a GK 1001RB) I have mild CS-2 compressor and a mild VT bass pedal always on. I want to add one of these two as a warmer, slightly more driven boost. I like the sound of both. I'd like the pedal to function as an extension to my current sound, to warm/dirty it up a small amount when needed, something I can hop on and off to accent parts. Any opinions much appreciated.
  2. Okay...Who brought the DOD?

  3. Any Love for D'addario Bass Strings?

    I like their flats. Their rounds are a bit meh...not bad, just nothing special.
  4. Fuzz pedals - Bang for Buck

    BBM can do low gain better than most.
  5. Super Fuzz!

    Yeah I've never had a fuzz sound exactly like the youtube demo. But, if I wanted a super fuzz, the 76 is probably what I'd get, if only for the paint job which looks like something from rollerball. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqiIhKpGRxE There's also the Maxon Air, Black Cat, Watson etc etc etc You'll sit there playing MCA riffs all day.
  6. Fuzz pedals - Bang for Buck

    S/H bass big muff is what you should get. Sounds pants on it's own but stacks really nicely if placed before your VT.
  7. Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!