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  1. Did anyone notice that sound control operated alot of the smaller stands to?. Had some serious GAS for the Brazilian made guitars some awesome woods being used. Couldn't get any where near the stand. Needed some new strings but had to settle for Duff's autogragh on the Rotosound stand BUMMER Steve
  2. Did anyone pick up anything nice at Music Live???. Just being nosey Steve
  3. How much for the Breifcase looking for a practice amp with some umph!!!!!
  4. All very nice chap's. getting some serious GAS
  5. Number 2 striving for 1. It's like learning a new language though you have to keep at it for it to sink in. Unless your extremely gifted. But it's worth it when some smart arse gives you notation for a song and you can play it.
  6. Thanks chaps the world is certainly getting smaller
  7. has anyone had any dealing with this american shop Bass Central
  8. Seen the discussion mate. But as you can tell I don't know anything about wireless and was just wondering. You never know one day I may decide to invest. Thanks for your help
  9. slemm


    Thanks for your help guys. Now where have the kids hid their piggy banks.
  10. slemm


    Hamster try their web site for a serious GAS attack [url="http://www.marleaux-bass.de/eng/"]http://www.marleaux-bass.de/eng/[/url]
  11. slemm


    [attachment=1242:jbdeluxe_gross.jpg]Does anyone out there know anything about these guitars. Have my heart set on JB Deluxe it was love at first sight.
  12. Can you use any wireless guitar system for bass or do you have to use specific ones made especially for bass. Thanks for any help Steve
  13. Being more of a rock man anything really by John Paul Jones, John Entwistle, Doug Wimbish and of course Phil Lynott.
  14. slemm

    New Bacchus 24 bass

    nice bass. Very jealous maybe one day
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