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  1. If my Sandberg sells and this is still available then it will be mine 😏 min the meantime, I’ll be nice and say GLWTS 🤘🏻
  2. Update on trades: so the only thing I’m interested in trade wise is are precision Basses, however I would like at least £500 cash value from the deal. So things used players series or lesser values versions. Thanks again for looking 😃
  3. Few more details; 34” scale mahogany body birdseye maple top maple neck and board Delano pickups and 2band EQ sandberg hardware
  4. Discount for cash on collection 😉
  5. ******SOLD Locally****** Used Sandberg TT5 in 9/10 condition! This bass is really light and punchy. Just had a fresh set of strings on. Comes with the Sandberg gigbag. This is my last bass, but sadly finances are not good so I need to find some cash from somewhere and not much else is moving in this current climate. With that in mind I would be interested in trades as long as I’m still getting a decent amount of cash from the deal (so no swaps etc) thinking along the lines squires etc.
  6. Price Drop, £120! (This time in the right forum 🙈) Not much to say about this. Brought a while back for a tour. After which it was put into storage. Just a few light scuffs from loading in and out of van. Other than that it’s near mint! I would prefer collection or a meet up. Don’t mind getting a courier but due to the size it will cost serious £‘s so please bear that in mind. These retailed upwards of £250. Be sure to tell your guitar playing mates as well 😉 Chris
  7. Temporary price for this month £65 including UK Postage
  8. Temporary Price for this month. £55 including UK Postage
  9. Temporary price for this month! £60 including UK Postage
  10. price Drop!!! £125 including UK postage A Darkglass B3K Version 1. Never really got on with it. Probably used no more than a dozen times. Hopefully goes somewhere it can get the use it deserves! In near mint condition, it has got Velcro adhered to the bass! Price includes UK postage.
  11. price drop!! £250 including UK postage. Probably the best bit of gear I have ever owned. Great for 2 Basses or a bass and a Synth Keys etc. Really amazing eq section plus a load of other features. Quality DI XLR out, Tuner out, line out, series effects loop, mix effects loop, mute and boost. This has spent its life on a pedal board in hard case so it’s in great condition. The rubber feet have bee removed and are missing, and it has Velcro adhered to the base. Price Includes UK Shipping.
  12. Nope, its still prime for the taking!
  13. Now £75 incl UK Postage!
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