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Darkglass B3K V1***SOLD***

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price Drop!!! £125 including UK postage 


A Darkglass B3K Version 1. Never really got on with it. Probably used no more than a dozen times. Hopefully goes somewhere it can get the use it deserves! In near mint condition, it has got Velcro adhered to the bass! 

Price includes UK postage. 


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    • By Marky Screen
      Brand new in box.
      Only got it out in the studio to try it a while ago and then has been sat on a shelf since my HX stomp arrived.
      Ultimate tube screamer based overdrive pedal.
      4 modes (vintage/lead/rhythm/high gain)
      Clean blend
      Sound great on bass and guitar.
      Pics to follow
    • By Sweeneythebass
      Useful little pedal but not needed anymore I’ve had it 12 months and used on one gig comes boxed and is mint! Postage of course but add £5.

    • By Kev
      Finally gave in and going to an all-in-one digital solution so my guitarists can control me via Midi!  These are the best pedals I've had for the job, all are being sold only in the interest of being a typical modern prog metal bassist!
      Selling in stages, here is Part 1.  Shipping should be £5 or so.  New prices are current prices from Andertons.
      Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra
      The Jon Stockman (collaboration) preamp.  Incredible and versatile distortion, quite different character from the stereotypical "metal" tone of a Darkglass B*K pedal and the like, with two distortions with different characteristics on the Alpha and Omega side.  Amazing as a clean preamp too, very useful quiet EQ and comes with a headphone out jack.  Last but not least, it has an IR Cab Sim loaded DI, configurable via the Darkglass Suite on PC/mac.  Invaluable for live and studio use when micing a cab isn't practical.  Perfect condition with velcro on bottom, in original box with candy.
      New Price: £369 (V1)  My Price: £250

      Source Audio Nemesis Delay
      PHENOMENAL delay pedal!  You need to check out the Source Audio website to see what this thing can do, but its crazy.  It does all the usual digital/analog/tape/reverse etc delays, but also it adds all kinds of modulation effects to the signal, include octaver, envelope filter, phaser/flanger sounds and much more.  The Helix mode is particularly bonkers.  I will leave a few of my presets on there as well!  Perfection condition, in original box with candy and power supply.
      New Price: £259  My Price: £200

      Boss TU-3 Tuner
      You know what it is.  Industry standard tuner, AB'd against the TC Polytune it replaced and it appeared to tune quicker and was more stable.  Great rock solid pedal.  In very good condition, velcro on bottom with just a couple of marks shown in the photo, in box with candy.
      New Price: £65  My Price: £40  ON HOLD

      Thanks for looking!
    • By koval123
      Hi, up for sale goes a complete set of EMG BQC System for bass guitars. It is 4-knobs (incl. 2 stacked) Active Balance, Master Volume, Bass/Treble stacked, Mids/Midrange stacked. There is a center detent for flat response. The mid-range control has a variable frequency knob that allows you to sweep through the mid-frequency range from 100Hz to 1KHz. This selects the frequency to boost or cut. Solderless harness included as well as non-original but pretty knobs (not present on the picture). Sending possible, ask me for the cost.

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So anyone got any experience with the relatively new tiny AMT A-Bass and AMT O-Bass tube preamp pedals from their Bricks series, which were just released earlier this year, the two pedals being repectively an Alembic style preamp and an Orange style preamp?
      I am pondering on acquiring one of them and use it in combination with the NUX Soiid Studio that I just bought, for cab IR and poweramp simulation, since these tiny tube preamp pedal doesn't feature any form of cab sim.
      So I am interesting in knowing if they are any good to use primarily as a clean preamp for dialing in my main tone, and what to expect from the two pedals respectively, so I have an idea of weather I should chose the Orange or Alembic style preamp?
      Here's the link to the A-Bass on AMT's homepage :
      And Here's the link to the O-Bass :
      They are quite reasonable priced as well, just about 175 Euro/156£ (Thomann prices, though they only seem to carry the A-Bass in their stock), and the tubes works at proper high voltage too, around 250V to 300V. 
      Edit!!! : Just found these YouTube demos featuring the 2 pedals, and judging from those it seems like the A-Bass will be closest to my personal taste, plus the A-Bass got a Mid and Treble frequency shift switch, unlike the O-Bass, both got a Bright switch though (in fact to me the A-Bass sounds great, while the O-Bass sounds like crap, though that might be the fault of the guy demoing the pedals) : 
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