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  1. [quote name='tedmanzie' timestamp='1411498259' post='2560122'] what software are you using? [/quote] I'm recording audio in Amplitube3. Video is being pulled into iMovie. Stripping the sound off the video, and then importing the AIFF audio file.
  2. Hi When you're filming using a camera and microphone, you can use a clapper board to make a noise and clear visual queue so you can sync up your sound and video. I'm recording video on Bass directly to Amplitube3 and Video separately. Any tips on sync'ing up the sound and video? I'm finding it very tricky. Thanks
  3. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1411126862' post='2556705'] What hardware are you currently using to record the bass? If it doesn't have two inputs already, you may be best off buying an audio interface with more inputs then you can plug in any mic and your bass. Then you are free to chop and change mics in the future. [/quote] I've got a USB bass cable but it only has one input. I was assuming (perhaps incorrectly) I could pop one device in each USB port. That mic looks good for the money. Thanks.
  4. Hi I've enjoyed a fair amount of success recording Bass directly using Amplitube 3 and although it is somewhat of a resource hog (on the Mac), it all works fine. Has anybody had any experience of recording voice at the same time? I also need a recommendation for a microphone (USB if possible) that is affordable and gives a good enough quality of sound for Youtube video production. Thanks in advance
  5. Chownybass

    Semi Hollows

    I love semi-hollow's so much I've actually started having them made. My lounge is now full of them and soon my wife may stop talking to me. I love the look of the Aria Tab-66. That's gorgeous! This is what mine looks like :
  6. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1410957372' post='2555018'] What's the scale length? [/quote] The scale length is 31" (or to be more precise 780mm). 22 frets.
  7. [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1410943958' post='2554814'] I'm liking the look of that. What are the specs? Any chance of a 5-string version? [/quote] Hi. It's a maple body and neck. Flamed maple top. Ebony Fretboard. 2 humbuckers. Locking tuners. Multi-layer binding. My early prototypes had chinese parts, but I wasn't happy with them. So all the electronics and gear are korean (pickups are Artec). I'm still working pricing but I'm aiming to get them out for under £295. I'm not sure about the 5 string version. If I were to do one I'd probably have to use a different bridge.
  8. After many prototypes - the final prototype (of my own design and specification) sitting on my sofa.
  9. Thanks mate! That should be good. Looks like the saddles pull out and push in. It's mostly fine except the "D" string. - S
  10. Floating Bridge. Ta! How the heck do I set the intonation? :-? - Stephen
  11. Hi What would you call this kind of bass bridge if I was to search for replacements/alternates to it? - Stephen
  12. [quote name='icastle' timestamp='1395340387' post='2401402'] In that case, soldering it to the back of one of the pots will do the job. [/quote] So it does! Many thanks sir. You're a gent.
  13. [quote name='icastle' timestamp='1395335865' post='2401332'] Is the wire from the tip of the jack socket or the sleeve? [/quote] Sleeve it looks like.
  14. Ha! Tracked a fault down on one of my guitars to a loose jack wire (the green once) No sign on where it came loose from though. Anybody be able to give me a push in the right direction? (Image Attached)
  15. Anybody have any experience with this kind of bridge? (image attached)
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