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  1. lowmid

    Feedback for EdLib-3

    Ed was very helpful in getting the bass to Belgium, all went smooth, he replied very quickly and efficiently! Bass was in very good state, Great guy/ great seller!
  2. lowmid


    Hey , Is it still for sale? I'm interested!
  3. sold, thanks for your interest guys!
  4. [quote name='three' timestamp='1474278132' post='3136645'] An intriguing bass - do you have further details or information (age, timbers, finish, dimensions, weight, condition etc.)? [/quote] Hey, the bass is from 2011, body is 2 piece african mahogany, neck is quartersawn maple (as in all USA laklands) with a satin finish (very smooth) with a pitch black ebony board with no front dots (has side dots). Dimensions are classic Lakland basses except the scale length is 35 inch. The bass is actually not longer than any other bass but the classic 34 inch laklands like the 44-94 have 22 frets and this one has 21 frets and the bridge is a bit further back. Bass has been played live a lot so has some scratches. Finish is some oily finish with satin varnish on it. All the hardware is made in USA hipshot. The pickups are the Joe Barden JB4's which are actually both dual coils so noise is not an issue at all. There is a large control cavity in the back of the bass in case you'd like to go active so there is enough room to fit a Pre! Bass is very light, but i don't have it at home right now so can't weight it. I have 2 knob sets : black JB types and Gold Barrels (look at the pictures)
  5. edit: SOLD Custom Lakland made in USA, 35 inch maple neck with ebony board, gold hardware (hipshot), Mahogany body, Joe Barden JB4 pickups, Passive [color=#333333]Comes with original tweed case.[/color] I'm looking to buy a Sterling HS, so trades only accepted for this specific model. I'm in Belgium SOLD
  6. is this one still on sale?
  7. Hey TheDaivisch, are you still considering selling it? Regards
  8. lowmid

    Sold :Lakland 44-94

    sold pending payment
  9. lowmid

    Sold :Lakland 44-94

    Really difficult sale, is the price really to high? I'm ready to hear your offers