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  1. id love to have a bash at learning some of those riffs,but,dont think id be able to pop and slap as fast as you,my technique isnt as advanced i like the way you do the funky beats way up the neck and mix it with tap ons and add some chords in there to,sounds really nice,how long it take you to write them 2 solos?
  2. check them out,lil feedback would be cool,sweet [url="http://www.myspace.com/thefunkybasspigeon"]http://www.myspace.com/thefunkybasspigeon[/url]
  3. videos are really good maan,reaally nice ideas
  4. lurk it,theres a few bits up there let me know if you like any of it,feed back etc thanks [url="http://www.myspace.com/thefunkybasspigeon"]http://www.myspace.com/thefunkybasspigeon[/url]
  5. i think its a case of wanting someone whos at a level where i want to get to thats in my genre and show me the path they took and what the quickest way is to get to there level,i practice alot couple of hours at least every day sometimes alot more depending on what im doing,im kinda wary i guess of useing my practice time in the most effective way,as alot of musicians waste years playing stuff that never progress's them or gets them any better at playing,so when i learn im always trying to learn new things,and playing stuff i find difficult or experimenting with my instrument to make sure im makeing best use of my playing time and getting different sounds and not repeating myself i think also id like a tutor just to guide me through the techniqes and the options and see what works best for me and what techniques and exercises i should do at home to work myself up to there level i think my best option might just be to scout the under ground scene or look on myspace for a band in the midlands area with a bassist who has some of the things im looking for to help me progress as ive found tutoring does help you progress 10 times faster than being self taught ( being that its the right tutor respectively) as you often tend to waste many weeks,months and in some cases years learning stuff that at worse can be completely useless and never make you any better i'll keep looking anyway i guess thanks for the advice -rob-
  6. yeah i seen dedbass and his videos,his immense and shareing some of your work with orthers is cool so if you ever do post a video,let me know =) thanks for the advice too
  7. you speak good sense and said pretty much how i feel with the whole bass tutor thing,i dont just play metal i play orther styles also but obviously a metal bassist is my main style i heard blotted science its nice kinda reminds me of dream theater a tiny bit,i like all of alex websters work,id love to get close to his level one day with the stuff i write and im not going to give up jst yet on finding as you put it a bassist from hell haha but i will keep looking and scouting the underground band scene and here for the right bassist to get me to the next level i like alot of necrophagists work also if you like them
  8. yeah i play some funk,jst need a bass tutor that specialise's in a different style as all the ones ive had in the past do different genres,in a ideal world id be able to get someone like alex webster or jeff hughell (brain drill) to teach me,but someone even half as good as that would be enough =)
  9. just someone who can play fast and technical will do, useing 3 fingers and is into metal
  10. looking for a bass tutor that ethier specialises or has good knowledge on how to play technical and fast basslines as the style of music im into are generally the sub genres of metal the kind of stuff im looking to improve on is to master a 3 finger walking technique which im still patchy on playing in triplets at high speeds bass sweeping (sweeping the notes of the bass guitar) tapping and just generally anything to improve me as a muscian and help me build better and more pleaseing riffs his a link to my youtube page where i stick stuff up that i crate when i play to give you a idea of where im at and what i do if yom think you can help me or know of someone drop me a message [url="http://www.youtube.com/user/lovebreedsuicide1"]http://www.youtube.com/user/lovebreedsuicide1[/url] thanks
  11. put something in there where you use tap ons,or like everciese to get better on them,i like to mess arond with these from tiem to time so id deffinately check it if it had something to do with that in there
  12. thanks everyoen for the advice,i read everything and took you opinions/.advice on bord -rob-
  13. send me a link of something you think i should invest in then ie a cd or a program you recommend and i will invest in it safe
  14. hey, im a bassist obviously, been playing about a year now just over,anyway,ive got to grips with most techniques but the one that i want the most still seems to largly elude me,which is the abilty to hear something a riff,or a song and play it straight back or least be able to play it with in 5 mins or so,my brain just doesnt seem to convert the notes of the guitar/bass riffs im hearing into what frets i should be playing on the bass very well,its fustrateing, how do i get good at this with out it takeing 10 years? like i play bass all the time generally a couple of hours practice a day ,i have got better with my ear subconciously ive picked things up but is there a way to fast track my progres cause at this rate its going to be about 5 or 10 years before i develp this skill to a level where im not having to use tabs or watch people on youtube playing songs and trying to tab up bit by bit what there playing,learning the tabs and trying to tab up my favorite bands songs takes the fun out of doing covers so i mostly make my own material which im quite good at anyway,it doesnt help that im into the sub genres of metal,ie mathcore,death metal ect with its complex intevals and note combinations anyway any adive or tips please and let me know how you find this also
  15. i got one of these as a xmas present,and im not sure how to work this thing in conjuction with my amp,i got one adapter in the box,but no lead to hook the effects pedel up with the amp and then of course you have your standard lead from the amp to the bass,im takeing you need 2 leads right? if im correct on that part then im sure i'll work out how to use it soon enough
  16. my bass is a pile of s*#t but its all i can afford right now =(
  17. looking for a commited project with commited members to play with,im able to travel and have my own equipment,prefer a heavy rock band/hardcore metal musical tastes range from alter bridge to bring me the horizon sweet x
  18. im looking for a book preferabley on bass theory and how to improve myplaying,been playing about 7 months now and have basic knowledge on theory,but people keep telling me i need tolearn it as it willimprove my playing,so got to quit dodgying it,any recommendations of books i could use and understand some someone at my level on al the theory i need to know any links please post thanks
  19. valentine

    HEY =)

    check out my bands new song/material/sound i do bass/lead vox www.myspace.com/lovebreedssuicide1 thanks x
  20. hmm okay sweet,thanks for the advice,you people must no what your talking about as youve probs all been playing longer so i will learn them before going back for more tutition on the instruement to improve my skills.
  21. okay thanks for the advice, i know my basic scale patterns anyway,i will spend lil bit of time on the theory maybe 15mins a day ,i just hate doing theory,im the kind of person who gerts the playstation out the box and learns about it as i go along rather than read the instructions
  22. oh yeah learning scales is boring also so please dont tell me i need to learn them again =/
  23. all the notes and stuff on a bass,i just cant be arsed with learning all the theory i just like to pick the thing up and play it ,like what i mean by learning the notes ie all you ES,F,GS,A,BS,C,DS, do i really need to learn off by heart where they are on my fret bord,i have basic theory knowledge of the bass is this enough or do i need to learn all the theory also? i will if i have to but i still prefer just playing it to learning where all the notes are BORING! been playing 5 months now and i play about 2 hours a day so im getting decent at this thing now =) x -rob-
  24. www.myspace.com/sonsofexile www.sonsofexile.com really cool band,even better live,got good potetial to be fair,i auditioned for them myself but was a tad out with one of the 3 songs i had to perform and they need someone to be fair with more than 5 months experiance,so if you've been playing bass for any longer than 1 year give them a shout
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