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  1. After sitting round on my donkey since getting back from quarantine on a ship, I've been looking for work to very little success. I was offered a couple of 0 hour contracts which didnt seem "legit." However a job offer came through the other day and I've been training for it all week. I've also signed up online for a PT course so I have a side hustle and could potentially supplement being a weekend warrior (if that will ever be a thing anymore) with being my own boss during the week too.

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  2. Sansamp Bass Driver Deluxe

    Highly regarded Preamp/D.I, used heavily for the last 3 years on cruise ships and hotels and the odd home gig too. Never missed a beat and sounds fantastic.

    With no gigs coming in I'm having abit of a gear clear out with the hope of going ampless and gaining a Helix.

    Comes with no box but I'll pack it up nice if you need postage!



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