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  1. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1421958763' post='2667203'] I've been thinking for months about getting a used white Mex and asking Guitar Angel to do me one with Newcastle badge and stripes, then Fender do this!!!!!!! [url="http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/21951-fender-unveils-geddy-lee-and-steve-harris-signature-basses"]http://www.premiergu...ignature-basses[/url] Update, Feb 17 probably just the States. UK later no doubt. Found one ad, looks about £950 street price. Bit high for a Mex, despite the extra bits. Who is taking the orders [/quote] I did start to build my own one a few years ago, had got everything done (spray painted the stripes on and made a waterslide of the LUFC badge) but managed to drop it one day and ruined it so the whole finish got sanded off and painted orange haha. Have been considering getting one professionally done for a long time and still might do if I can get one of the "2010" model necks for a decent price so it matches the 2010 sig model I have -cough- OCD!
  2. The "£666" price tag suggests it'll be a MIM bass which isn't a problem to me. Being a Leeds United fan through and through, i'm really tested on whether or not I'll buy this. I have the 2010 blue sparkle MIJ one which is a beauty of a bass and without doubt the best P bass I've ever played (especially since I changed the tuners to the proper ones and changed the pick up to 'Arry's signature duncan model) so i'll definitely have to try this out and see how it feels. might just buy one to have as a collectors piece being as Maiden are my favourite band and that 'Arry is my biggest influence. Would definitely change the bridge to a proper Badass II bridge though, can't have that Fender stamped thingy on it
  3. Ahhh sh*t, I can't believe they've actually done Bomber's bass in the proper West Ham colours. I wish they would do one with out the West Ham crest and just have the pin striping. Leeds fan through and through but I think i'm going to have to buy that...
  4. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1409605398' post='2541526'] I really like the look of these, but why do they keep doing such lovely basses with basswood bodies? Alder please, or ash to be period-correct (spose it would bump the price up tho). [/quote] To be fair Lozz, if they did it in alder, it would just be the Fender 70's Precision Bass which is the exact same bass with a white alder body. I agree though, using basswood is a bit poor but it still sounds good and is a bit of a lighter wood which is handy for people like me! haha
  5. I don't know if i'm behind the times on these but i've only just spotted them and wow, severe case of GAS over these now. I've just seen the black one with maple blocked and bound fretboard so i had to look in to it more. Total bargain at £364 (GAK/Gear4Music). They're absolutely beautiful, have a nice profiled neck (if the specs i've compared them on are anything to go by) and the vintage tint thick lacquer on the neck will really made that punch come out of them. Why Fender, why do this when i'm skint. WHY?
  6. [quote name='LukeFRC' timestamp='1408515345' post='2530828'] theres a really rare 5th anniversary one that Warwickhunt has. It's not a double P but cheaper secondhand and I think it would possibly be able to reasonably get close sound wise is the corvette (or streamer) $$, Supposed to be good basses too. Other than that a Vampyre with duel P pups, they will build you one but at a cost! You might be cheepers finding a secondhand vampyre or even the rock bass version and paying a luthier to pup the dual P pups in. If you need the hellborg preamp part of the sound ...... [/quote] Man if i had the money, i'd bite your hand off, then buy the pre amp off you. They really are beautiful sounding pre's! I'm very tempted to just save for a Warwick Dark Lord Vampyre or the newer RockBass Vampyre (2 piece bridge and proper headstock) then take it somewhere to have the routes changed to Dual P routes. I know this would involve a re-spray on the front but i'm not fussed about that. [quote name='Henrythe8' timestamp='1408608765' post='2531676'] Yep, it pretty much sums it up. Buzzard and Stryker, and Corvette 2005LE. I don't know for the 5th anniversary. You can order through a reputed dealer a Custom Shop Vampyre. Base Price is for an NT vampyre is 5454.90€ (oil finish) Alternate P'up selection is around 300€ (you have to ask, ot's not on the price list) Alternate routing is 254.10€. And here you go. [/quote] I think I just had a heart attack reading that price list. Please don't do that again! haha. But seriously is that what the custom shop charge? That's ridiculous money. I know they produce fantastic instruments but wow, that's seriously OTT.
  7. Hey guys I've really been loving the tone of the Warwick basses lately but the ones that have really drawn me are the ones with the Dual P - Bass pick ups in them. Mainly Marco Hietala from Nightwish's ones. I know the electronics are the standard MEC set ups and he's just running them in to Sansamp RBI and either a Warwick Hellborg pre amp with Pro tube head or Ampeg SVT 4 Pro head. My question is though, what warwick models have there been (that aren't custom shop models) with the Dual P configuration? So far i've seen a - Stryker with Buzzard headstock (for sale on here somewhere too i believe?) - Corvette 2005 LTD edition - Buzzard series (like the one Marco plays) And that is it! I'd really love to know if there's a Vampyre with this pick up option as it sounds so nice set up like that and the Vampyre is my favourite Warwick shape. Cheers
  8. I looked in to the G-Lad bypass pad but as you said, it's far too expensive. I just want to modify my current wah so i can take out the switch and replace it with something like a non-latching switch down at the heel end of the plate which activates the wah as soon as you move the plate forward then de-activates the wah as soon as it's returned to the heel down position.
  9. I really love chorus on bass. I've used it for years. Haven't got any need for it in my current band but if i could then i would. A nice subtle chorus sound really does liven up your tone. I've used: Yamaha SPX-90II rack, Roland GP16 rack, Boss CEB-3 pedal, Boss CH-1 pedal, Digitech Multi Chorus pedal and am currently using the MXR ZW38 black label pedal. My favourite was definitely the CEB-3 but i'm loving the MXR ZW38 for it at the moment
  10. I've literally just purchased one off GAK and i'm going to pop to maplin's later on today to grab 2 DPDT switches for when it arrives. [quote name='BigGuyAtTheBack' timestamp='1408451976' post='2530257'] The true bypass mod is on the cards for mine but I never noticed much difference with the bypassed sound and the normal sound. I tend to have the pedal on all the time now and just flick the mid switch for either a bassy scooped sound or a more middy sound. Simples! [/quote] To be fair, i'd only use it for certain parts in my bands set so i'll be turning it on and off a lot. Plus when it's that cheap, i don't mind fiddling around with it to make it "better". So Have you got a diagram for doing the true bypass mod to it as i'm useless at working things out like that? Cheers dude
  11. What a brilliant mod, I watched FrankenP's video on youtube (i'm sure he's a user on here too?) and it sounds really good! So good in fact that I looked up the price and found that JunoRecords are doing them for £27 with free 24 hour delivery (edit - this is where i've just got mine from, avoid GAK, they say its in stock then you get an email saying minimum 4-6 week delivery, still awaiting my money back from them and it's been 3 days!) http://www.juno.co.uk/products/behringer-bdi21-v-tone-bass-driver-di-bass-amp-modeller-direct-recording-preamp-di-box/493811-01/ Has anyone done a true bypass mod on one of these? I'd love to know.
  12. Yeah sorry i should of mentioned, i want it to be like the Dunlop bass wah / 95Q wah where it activates the wah as you push down on the tread plate but de-activates as soon as the tread plate is returned to the back position.
  13. Hey guys I've got a Dunlop GCB-95 which i've changed the capacitors and inductor in to change the frequencies and gain as well as modding it to be true bypass with an LED but I am once again bored and want to mod it again. I used to have a Morley wah and loved the switchless operation of it so I want to convert mine to switchless as it'll also be easier for the songs I play using it (for whom the bell tolls, orion, call of kthulu... basically metallica covers!) but i don't want to get a different wah as i love the sound of my one with the mods, it screams! Anyway, i'll stop rambling. Can someone help me modify my GCB95 (with true bypass) to a switchless one? I'd really appreciate it. I'd also like to be able to hook up the LED to whatever will be activating the wah so i can see when it's on. Plus I love the value LED i have fitted to it haha. Cheers Steve
  14. Go for the Squier vintage modified P bass or the Classic Vibe P bass. both are available in white and have better build quality/pickups/hardware than the standard series dude. I've played them both and they're both stunning basses to play.
  15. I did consider getting a 1u channel strip but i haven't seen any within my price range (or there abouts) and haven't seen any with a graphic EQ on it. I definitely need to have a graphic EQ for the way i shape my tone. Definitely going to get a BDI21 though so again thanks for the tip on that
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