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  1. Who is intentionally selling a fake item ?
  2. Why would you want to deceive people , but tell people . Surely you are only deceiving if you tell someone it is genuine?
  3. Are you really TimR or his brother?
  4. I have no idea what is going on here really. Are you wanting everything banned unless everything is original, and what are you trying to gain from all this? Have you had bad experience that hurt you ?
  5. None, as they are all declared. I read the description provided by the seller. They have made it perfectly clear. The Jazz/ Mike Lull has clearly stated that it is a Warmoth neck with other bits that are not original. I agree with you if he said it was a genuine Fender all throughout the bass, but he hasn`t deceived me in any way.
  6. Which one of those have you been deceived by? The one that was a mistake did have Limelight written on the heading and the serial number clearly on the headstock. Are you wanting every bass that is not in original condition stopped? If you have the original neck and body, but reworked the electrics, then declare it on the sales pitch, are you unhappy about it as it is not original?
  7. They do, that is true, but lots slip through the net. All this site have to do is do the same as Ebay and take it down when they find out.
  8. I very much doubt it. Ebay have been doing it for years. Maybe if it was prolific, but one incident is unlikely to even register anywhere
  9. If you are worried about the policy here, then surely it is better for you to buy and sell on that site, as you like the policy
  10. I can`t see what can be done by the admins . The Limelight seems to be a case of mistaken identity, but sorted out when it came to light. The Ebay one has no jurisdiction on this forum.If people do sell good fakes, how do they know? I doubt the mods would know every bass, and year of the differences. Do they need to go on a topic and find the experts to verify if it is genuine before they are put up for sale? I suspect the moderator doesn`t know every bass and every different years of manufacture. There are lots of good people on here that know the basses inside out and will soon pipe up. I don`t see it as a major problem. It is policed by the mods, then the general members
  11. I have bought one Warwick bass, and 5 bar stools, and 2 guitar stands. Never had any problems from any I have bought from them.
  12. To be fair to fakes getting resold further down the chain, lots of people on this forum peruse Ebay and Gumtree amongst others. They soon spot a fake and call it out to us and ebay. If Ebay has been informed, which happens, and they do nothing, then there is not a lot that one can do.
  13. Too much brass section for my liking. I guess overblown for my tastes.
  14. I have gone to auction houses and sold stuff on for a profit. Doesn't seem as he has done anything wrong to me. We are all guilty of being capitalists
  15. [quote name='bluejay' timestamp='1505304581' post='3370878'] You bet, Rik! My 2018 looks like it's going to be the year of music shows - NAMM in January, LBGS in March. Bring it on! [/quote] What an awful life you have I am off work, so I will be there on the 3rd. There is no mention of it on their site as yet.
  16. It would be a great idea. I read about getting older our brain starts to slow down, so it is going to be similar to that brain training we are told is good for us. If for no other reason, it has got to be beneficial
  17. The PJB Bighead is good. The drawback is the £200. It is far better, but not sure it is 5x the price of the Vox.
  18. I found the amplug good, but they can be fragile. I broke the jack when I got it caught in clothing. The PJB Bighead is a lot better. I paid £150 new 18 months ago. They seem to have increased a lot in that time.
  19. Obviously he gets recognition, but how Lindsay Buckingham only made number 100 in the 100 best guitarists in Rolling Stone magazine 2 years ago is beyond me
  20. [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1506434336' post='3378690'] And I completely failed to try your Shukers. Again. 😶 [/quote] I had an interesting chat about those. Had a couple of features I had never heard of. Very nice basses. I still don't think I am a headless bass person. I would like to try one, but the usual left handed problem .
  21. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1506440731' post='3378767'] Tbh I think I'm with the drummer, "you mentioned" the gig in April, nothing else since and it's not on the band's website. [/quote] I would have had sympathy with the drummer, but the rest of the band seem happy, so there seems to be other reasons to me.
  22. That is all that counts really. If they are happy to accept the resignation, it seems you made the right decision. As mentioned earlier, if someone can't take the odd F you, it looked like your band was ready for the change.
  23. More importantly than our opinion, what does the other band members think about the situation.
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