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  1. Sold Peter my Manta filter. Quick payment good communication all good
  2. I'm reluctantly putting my beloved Thunderbird up for sale . Bought new about 2013-ish, it's been with me on the best gigs of my life but it's time to swap it for something a bit more friendly to my increasingly achy back, shoulders, wrists etc etc. (yep i'm going short scale!) It's a Classic IV Pro with 7 ply through neck and US electronics and comes with an Epi hardcase. Full spec etc copied form Epi website & photos below. There's one slight dink on the end of the headstock - see pic - otherwise it's about spotless. Fab bass in need of a loving new home. Body mahogany body wings Neck 7-ply mahogany/walnut Neck Profile 1960s rounded bass profile Neck joint through-neck Fingerboard pearloid dot inlays Fingerboard Radius 12" Frets 20-medium jumbo, nickel/silver alloy Scale Length 34" Nut Width 1.50" Neck Pickup Gibson TB Plus™ humbuckers Bridge Pickup Gibson TB Plus™ humbuckers Bridge classic style 3-point adjustable Flush-Mount, fully adjustable Controls -neck volume -bridge volume -master tone Tuners black die-cast 17:1 ratio Hardware black Control knobs black TopHats with chrome metal inserts Photos attached!
  3. Posted these a few weeks ago but finally done some pics. They're all in excellent or very good condition from light gigging or home use only - see photos! All prices include UK postage. Source Audio Orbital Modulation Pedal £85 Velcro on base in box with EU PSU Mooer Fog Fuzz £30 Joyo Voodoo Octave Fuzz £15 Joyo American Sound SOLD Bright Onion Double Loop with Tuner Out SOLD
  4. There's GAS to be funded so it's time to move some unused kit on. Apart from the Orbital all these pedals were new to me and although a few (Manta, Orbital, Black Secret) have seen service on gigs, they're all in very good condition. I'll add photos shortly... All pedals are boxed unless noted otherwise and prices include UK postage [b]Source Audio Manta Bass Filter - £90 [/b](Velcro on base) [b]Source Audio Orbital Modultor - £90[/b] (Velcro on base) [b]Zoom B1.on Multi Effect - SOLD[/b] [b]Bright Onion Double Bypass Looper with tuner mute - £20 [/b](no box) [b]Mooer Fog Fuzz - £30[/b] [b]Mooer Black Secret (rat) Distortion - £35 [/b](Velcro on base) [b]Joyo Ultimate Drive (OCD) Distortion - SOLD[/b] [b]Joyo Voodoo Octave Fuzz - £15[/b] [b]Diago Gigman Hardcase Pedalboard (600 x 300mm) - £40[/b]
  5. Sorry don't know [quote name='MacDaddy' timestamp='1466461205' post='3076075'] BNB71 ? [/quote]
  6. [quote name='MacDaddy' timestamp='1466461205' post='3076075'] BNB71 ? [/quote]
  7. Thanks for all the varied opinions. Majority view seems to be right to walk and I'm pretty sure it was the 'right' thing to do; only time will tell if it was the 'best' thing to have done. Word is that the promoter 'wasn't arsed' which sounds about right based on this and our previous experience with her, when we were still chasing timings, soundcheck details etc at 4 on the afternoon of the gig (that night we played to a packed if small room and were frankly pretty damned awesome!) My big takeaway from this is about quality of gigs and it's something we need to discuss as a band. Next show is at a 'proper' venue with no open mic or other distraction and is paid, if only as a cut of door takings. I will be playing that one (unless I've been sacked of course 😉)
  8. Appreciate the alternative views - I honestly don't know if it was the 'right' thing to do or not, hence asking the question. I've never had the remotest thought to not play before and I've done some pretty lousy gigs, although rarely come across a promoter showing such an apparent disdain. I think it's probably for the best that the others did stay and play. The main lesson as a band is, as Tim says, to be more careful about what we say yes to
  9. No they're an independent promoter putting on shows in a few venues, including at least one on the 'want to play there' list. They're fairly new & I suspect they're doing more than they can handle and the smaller gigs like ours are being overlooked.
  10. When I left there was 1 person there for open mic (a stand up who as it happens was at one I went to last week to watch a former band mate (edit) - and asked us if we were organising the open mic (/edit)). From what the others have said it wasn't very busy! I suspect the difference is that I'm 45 and the others are in their 20's and just want to play whatever. Drummer's also that age but has played some fairly big gigs so also has higher expectations.
  11. Turned up for my gig last night - 'feature band' following open mic - to find at the time we were supposed to be sound checking that the football was being shown over the stage, the promoter was nowhere to be seen and no one at the venue knew much about anything. So basically the promoter hadn't so much organised a gig as arranged for a band to turn up at a bar. One of the bar staff eventually started clearing the stage but we had to sort the PA as they had no idea what to do with it. As far as we could tell there'd been no promotion worthy of the name for it and we've had previous with this promoter not letting us know what was happening with a gig until 4 o'clock that day. The bar staff apparently also asked our drummer if he had pads as last week the band had to stop after 2 songs due to complaints about noise! By a hour after we were supposed to be soundchecking still no promoter so me and drummer walked. This was our 4th gig playing indie (loosely) originals and unpaid. Rest of the band stuck around and did a short acoustic set. So was I being unreasonable or is it time to take a stand against shoddy promoters???
  12. Sorry it's already gone (pending the usual) but if it falls through I'll let you know
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