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  1. have just bought a modded yamaha rbx270 bass from oli. great communication throughout and a speedy delivery. packaging was fantastic, very secure. had a quick go and it sounds great. great guy to deal with and a highly recommended seller thanks very much oli! cheers ben
  2. cheers for the info oli. yep i'll buy it please. do you want to private message me the details, payment etc
  3. each time you restring do you have to adjust intonation and string height or only when its a different manufacturer of strings? sorry for my ignorance
  4. hey oli, just wondering on the state of the strings. how long have they been on and any idea on the life left in them? i ask this only because as i said i'm new to this and really dont want to muck about with string replacement etc a couple on months in. just need to play it for 6 months - a year before getting involved in that, if you know what i mean. cheers ben
  5. hi mate, i'm completely new to bass and thought about buying the stock rbx270j for my first bass but just saw this. i'm imterested in funk, pop, rock but probably not metal. is the new pickups more geared towards metal or can i still play what i'm interested in? cheers ben
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